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Toasty Unicorns

[EB] Scooby Griefing

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* We had just finished a mission with Scooby ( disclaimer: When I say with I mean he was also in the area but we didn't know and neither did he ) And when I went up and my friend was covering me, he killed me multiple times camping the mission. Doing this my friend had decided to kill him, take all his things, and the mission things, and leave to the trader zone. *

~ What Happened

So when I arrived in the trader zone with my helicopter [EB] Scooby seemed to be a bit angry with me since I killed him, so he found a Humvee and decided to Kamikaze me and my helicopter to a point where my heli was stuck in the forest and it was stuck there unable to get out



Him Kamikazing me ^^^


Him Kamikazing my helicopter multiple times in the trader zone ^^^

I have several witnesses such as my friend Brian, and another witness.

This much was against the rules and had told him that this was against the rules to kamikaze or crash into each other in the trade zone but continued and then drove off and camped outside the trader zone ( NOT 500M out ) However I was unable to get a screenshot of it.

If any admins or mods want to hear about this story more in depth please contact me on the server ~ Toasty Unicorns or 

https://steamcommunity.com/id/ToastyUnicorns < On my steam Account


He has been a player who's pretty much ruined most of my server experience constantly killing me ( 50+ deaths { I'm that bad ;P } ) however after killing him once he decided to break the rules fully aware of it being in the rules. I would love to see him banned not only for my sake but for the sake of my friend's heli ;-; RIP Hummingbird 2017 




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We will take care of this thank you for your post and need posts like this in order to know anything we miss.

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