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Hello! I didnt find a better place to post, so im gonna post here. I just wanna know how to attack bases. How to craft bombs and where to loot the necessary items, thanks, waiting for answers

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That's fine. To be able to raid a base you will need charges to blow the walls or a grinder to grind the locks off.

Starting off for the charges you would press 6 (open XM8) then press "more". On that page you should see "recipes", click on that icon. This will bring up a whole list of items that you can craft on exile. Go to the tab on the top left of the XM8 and select "Explosives". Now you will be able to see what you need for the charges. Most of the items you can buy in the trader however, you may need to go looting in the industrial areas to get certain items.  To get through a wood wall you would need a wood explosive, make sure you have the right one for the right material  ...ECT(Wood, Metal and concrete).  When you have the items in your inventory go back to the menu on the XM8 and click on the item you would like to craft. At the top right there is  a button called "craft". Click that. That will have made a charge for you. To get through any type of wall you will need to place three charges. One after another to be able to break the wall. To place a charge you go up to the wall and select plant charge. Then press space when it says too. After you have placed the charge go to your XM8 press "More" and then select "BOOM!" to explode the charge. Go through this process another two times to be able to get through the wall.

Another way to get into a base is by grinding the door locks off. You will need one grinder and 23 batteries to get through one door. However, you grinder may break at any point. When ready go up to the door and select "Grind Lock". This will put you into a little animation and place a progression bar on the door. To open the door the bar has to be filled fully with green. However, when grinding it will stop randomly because the battery has ran out. You will simply have to scroll and select "grind lock" again. Keep doing this until the door opens. 

Once inside the base you are able to steal any loot  and the flag. To be able to steal the flag just go up to the bottom part of it and scroll and select "Steal Flag". This will put you into a animation and a progression bar will come up. You will just have to wait until it reaches 100% (The higher the level is on the flag the longer it will take.) To be able to get into any safes they have make sure to have a base laptop on you. Go up to the safe and select "Hack Safe". This will place the laptop on the ground and it will mark the location on the map so people can come fight for it. This will take around 20 minutes to unlock it. Once unlocked it will say and the marker on the map will disappear. Simply go up to it and select "Open". (You are able to move away from the computer when hacking.)

Do NOT glitch into bases. We will find out and YOU will be punished for it!

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