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Exile Server Rules

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Possible Admin punishments:

  • perma ban from server
  • temp ban from server
  • kick from server
  • loss of gear, vehicle(s), weapons, etc.
  • loss of respect
  • loss of poptabs
  • base removal

1.     If you find someone breaking the rules please contact an admin on the Discord or forum addresses listed above, with an appropriate  screenshot/video or supporting evidence if possible.

2.     Advertising of other servers or communities will result in a kick/ban depending on the offence.

3.     Posting links of any kind in side chat, is also not allowed. Multiple offences will result in a kick/ban.

4.     Do not argue with the admins:

  • All punishments are at the discretion of the administrators.
  • If you disagree with something you may create a thread on the forum.
  • Be respectful to admins, and they will be respectful to you.

5.      Reporting Hackers/Issues on the Server

  • When reporting a player you must have proof or contact an admin on Discord while the violation is occurring.
  • If someone is breaking the rules, please record a video and report it on Discord or the forums if no admin is available.
  •  All violations can be reported on the forums, when there is no admin available on Discord use the forums.
  • Do not instantly accuse someone of hacking. If you believe someone is hacking, don't spam side chat accusing them, please come to Discord or forums. If you think someone is hacking, the moment you accuse them in side chat, you just lost your chance to catch them.

6.     AFK in Game:

  • Any player caught going AFK in game will be kicked from the server. This includes killing yourself and "Playing Dead"

7.     Abuse/Trolling:

  • No VOIP in global/side chat.
  • No Racism/racist remarks, sexual comments, health threats or life insults towards other players, or admins..
    • This also includes base, player, and group names.
  • No music, unnecessary noises, soundboard, or spam over global/side channel
  • Side chat is for in game related information between groups only, all other in game chat not related to game information should be done in group channels only.
  • BravoFoxtrotCompany is a US based server host, so please only speak English in side chat, and keep non-english chat in direct or group.
  • If you would like to make any reports please include a screenshot or an audio/video clip.
  • Telling someone to push Alt+F4 on their keyboard is considered trolling and will get you kicked and banned if it continues.
  • Telling someone to leave the server is NOT tolerated. The server is for everyone who joins, not one individual player or group. If caught telling anyone to leave the server, it is an instant 12 hour ban.
  • Do not find ways around the in game word blocks by re-wording it.
    • You will be ignored/kicked/banned depending on the word

8.    No cheating, hacking, or glitching/exploiting:

  • Cheating of any kind is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  • Exploiting consists of using any game bugs for an unfair advantage. 
    • eg: Farming respect, walking outside the safe zone engaging a mission and turning around going back in to get invulnerable, evading combat by running into the safe zone.
  • Do not loot storage boxes, safes or tents through a wall. Anyone caught doing so will be stripped of their gear and given a warning.

9.    Ramming in Safe Zones/Kamikaze:

  • No ramming of vehicles, players, and/or NPCs while in the safe zone. Admins are active in the safe zones, both visible and invisible. If you are found doing so, your vehicle and all it's contents will be deleted without refund and you will be kicked from the server. Repeated offences will result in a ban.
  • No catapulting/kamikaze vehicles into bases/safe zones( Catapulting: using sling load to lift and slingshot them to destroy a base or object.)

10.  Safe Zone Rules:

  • If you did not bring an item into the safe zone then it DOES NOT belong to you. Regardless if it is a vehicle that was yours, a vehicle being airlifted in or general items
  • You are to conduct your business in the safe zone (traders) and move along. Congregating and being idle in the safe zone (trader) areas is forbidden.
  • All vehicles left in a safe zone after a scheduled reboot will be unlocked and fair game for anyone once the server starts.
  • If it is an unscheduled restart you are not to take/sell any vehicles
  • No camping Trade/Safe Zone(s) Sitting 500m or within 500m away from the safe zone and waiting for people to leave is not acceptable
  • If you haven't reached the trader yet, you CAN still get in engagements. Just because you reached the magical 500m line doesn't mean you are safe. We only protect players coming out.
  • If you get followed out of the trader 600 or so meters and get killed, that is your fault. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Planting mines down on the main roads or anywhere within 500m away from trader and leaving the area is still considered camping.
  • No blocking traders from other players by standing too close on purpose or placing vehicles in front of the trader ( this would be considered trolling )
  • Do not park your vehicles in safe zones. All vehicles left unattended in the safe zones will be deleted along with all of it's contents.
  • No operating/launching of UAVs in safe zones.
  • If you get your vehicle/chopper stuck in the safe zone, that is your own fault, and you have to get it out yourself. We do not comp for players that fly/drive carelessly around the trader and run into a building getting their chopper/vehicle blown up, flipped over, or stuck, unless your vehicle has been rammed (which proof will need to be provided).
  • Do not intentionally surround a player's vehicle or run in front of the vehicle as it is moving or stopped. That will result in a warning and repeated offenders will be kicked. 
  • Do not lock a player in YOUR stolen vehicle, if they have already made it back to the safe zone.

11.  Base Building:

  •  Bases cannot be over 30m high(Estimate 9 floors high)
  • Your base may not block a main roadway ( i.e. an orange road on the map or any other high traffic roads )
  •  No building within:
    • 500m or line of sight of any safe zone 
    • 500m of a named city/town. (Except on Cherno, building inside civilian buildings is allowed)
       150m of another territory
       500m of any military bases . 

       500m of any permanent map structure (I.e map generated buildings) (Except on the Cherno map as building inside civilian buildings is allowed)
      You are not allowed to enclose existing buildings or place flags inside existing buildings. (Except on the Cherno map as building inside civilian buildings is allowed)
       For each base it is mandatory to have a door or gate for accessing the base.
      For each base it is mandatory that every floor has a floor port and stairs/ ladders to reach it.
       (Except on the Cherno map as long as there is access via stairs to every level if built inside a map generated building)
      Safes and containers must be accessible from the ground up. In other words you must have an access point to any storage container. (If building inside a map generated building on Cherno then you must ensure that if the building is destroyed then access to the storage rooms can still be reached via normal base building materials)
  • No layering/stacking is allowed of any base parts.
  • Flags must be placed inside your base at ground level, not outside and cannot be protected by any objects apart from you normal base construction. The flag room MUST still be accessible, meaning there must be a door to the room.   (The Survival server plotpoles cannot be stolen so they can be placed wherever )
  • No glitching walls/gates/doors/floors directly into other walls/gates/doors/floors
  • No floating base parts are allowed. Each base part must be either connected to another base part, which indirectly connects to the ground or connected to the ground direct. Examples are people floating metal hedgehogs above their base, this would be against the rules
  • Players may not use abnormal physics to prevent other players from gaining access to rooms, vehicles, or lootable storage. All rooms must be accessible and must have an access point
    • Examples:
      •  Removing of floors/stairs to prevent access to rooms
      •  Floating Safes
      •  Placing base parts inside of safes (especially when getting raided)
      • The lowest part of the flagpole must be fully accessible, do not place a flagpole in mid-air, into the ground, or glitched into any other objects on the map.
    • Examples:
      • Constructable walls, pillars, metal kits, campfires, or workbenches
      •  Water barrels
      • Safes and other storage containers
      •  Permanent map structures(ie. rocks, trees,bushes etc)
      •  A base breaking any of these rules will be deleted without any refunds.

12.  Base Raiding:

  • Doors with a code lock can be opened by using a Grinder with Batteries.
  • You need 1 Battery to attempt to grind a lock ; a successful grind will remove the code lock from the door.
  • There is a chance of breaking the Grinder during usage.
  • Hacking requires a Base Laptop; it's possible to hack.
  • Do not hack a safe through a wall. That is considered exploiting/looting through a wall.
  • A hack will take 20 minutes with the chance of failure destroying the Base Laptop.
  •  A hack can only be initiated when there are at least 15 players online. (Except on the Survival server which is set to 1 player)
  • Initiating a hack will mark the position on the map and will inform all players.
  • During the hack you can use available CCTV cameras that are in the territory.
  • A successful hack on a Safe will unlock it. A successful hack on a flag pole for the virtual garage will take a random vehicle from the garage and place it down around the base (Survival server does not have VG)
  • There is a maximum of 3 successful hacks per territory per restart.
  • Breaching walls can be done with the special breaching charges.
  • Wood wall requires 3 breaching charges (Wood)
  • Metal wall requires 3 breaching charges (Metal)
  • Concrete wall requires 3 breaching charges (Big Momma)
  • No base parts/storage i.e safes etc are allowed to be moved/adjusted/added/removed by the owners whilst a raid is in progress. This would be from the last time there was combat at the base. You would have to wait 5 mins before moving/adjusting/adding/removing anything in your base *****

*Any behavior deemed to be destructive, offensive, or abusive to the server/players as determined by Admin discretion will be subject to kick, and/or ban. We will look into all cases and handle them appropriately. If you wish to appeal a ban or have any questions please create a thread on the forums.

*All rules are subject to admin discretion, and are final.

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