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i have been killed and trolled in save zone #adminhelp

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hello dear users and also admins i do not like to say it but on 05.03.2019 at about two o'clock at night I was trolled by two nice gentlemen in the safe zone. I killed these two at a mission about twenty minutes earlier and they were not so good at talking to me about it. I drove into the safe zone and just wanted to sell my loot. Then suddenly the two of them approached with quats and pushed me out of the safe zone to run me over. I uploaded a youtube video that proves this. Thank you for your attention and wish you a nice day

Youtube Link.:   https://youtu.be/vSGWfR9O-SA

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Same is happening with these 3 people, ramming into you with vehicles, and dragging around props and placing them under vehicles to flip them into the air and eventually destroy it.



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