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Issues cherno Survival server

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(This is also on the discord) I have found a few glitches, 1.for example i had a map on me and went to create another map for my friend and when i did it glitched and deleted one of the maps so i was still left with just one instead of two, 2. there is an issue with dying when you climb over fences or onto buildings, this has happened to me multiply times where i go and climb something and it may only be just a small fence but i will then start rapidly dying, and if you have no health on you your guys health will keep going down until you die , 3. on the map it shows that there is a water fountain in the towns but when i go there, their is either no fountain to be found or the games doesn't register it, also it would be more realistic if you could fill up your water bottle from rivers or streams, some of the servers that FrankieOnPc1080p played on would have that mod. 4. food needs to be more availably i can sometimes search for hours and find barely, any and our food meter goes down faster than we can find food to fill it up. 5. can the military facilities on the map have actual military equipment like uniforms, guns, scopes etc as I have been to a couple of army bases and they have had bugger all and whatever they did have was probably worse than what i could of found at a small town 6. lastly there needs to be waaaaaaaay more vehicles i mean for crying out load i have been on this server for a few weeks now and have played many, many hours on it and only ONCE have i seen one vehicle and it was a bus i get that its a survival server and it has to be hard and show that a lot of cars would be destroyed but really ........PLEASE ADD MORE ,anyway there's a few things to help improve the server thanks :smiley:

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