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Server going live

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We have spent many months setting up, testing, tweaking, testing, adjusting, testing, testing and some more testing of this new server. This will be unlike any other server out there as we have some very unique scripts running on the server which no other servers have. This is really for those who enjoy the grind and searching for their gear and expect to only find high end stuff rarely. The server is well balanced that you can find gear all over but not in every building every time, the new loot script picks which buildings it wants to spawn loot in. Every building will spawn loot but not every time. If you like the challenge of having to work for your stuff by searching rather than having crappy traders then welcome to Nirvana :)

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I'm having great flashbacks to the old days of DayZ Mod, where vehicles were rare and you fought for every inch. This is exactly what I was looking for in a DayZ experience.

It's pretty close to perfect. Thank you for this.

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