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Beanboi & Merks

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For video, if an admin could please PM me. I don't want my info public. I have two encounters with them in trading posts, with them doing trolling/destructive stuff.

Beanboi and Merks followed me into the trader on an ATV, I had in tow a vehicle, and a box with building supplies. As I ran in to trade the box, I noticed it became empty in front of my eyes, so I ran to check on the crate and Merks and Beanboi were running off. So I yelled after them that I thought they'd stolen my shit. He then dumped it out, and they claimed they were "playing a joke." So as you'll see in the video (I started the recording when I realized I'd been robbed,) so after a brief exchange where they tell me it's not bannable and attempting to insult me, they leave. They repeated tell me they "gave me all my stuff back."


As they fly off, I realize they stole my vehicle and sold it, as well. After another brief text argument, they agree to pay it back after again implying I must be poor if I actually want them to pay it back. I have attached screen shots, as well.




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