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Vic Glitches

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Headlight flashing - when you get out of the vic at times the head lights just start flashing for no reason... you cant get back in while this is going on and zed will walk over and beat your truck to death to make it stop - seems like a scrip issue of some sort.

Stuck at the factory and about to run alllllll the way back to a trader after a box truck van of loot did this to me and I couldn't kill all the zeds fast enough to keep them from blowing up my truck.

I assume this is a known bug, whats the current in game fix/work around?


This is your chernus server doing it - have not tried the others.



You can buy dlc vics - but once you get out of them you cant get back in so ... money lost, can you make a vic un-buy-able or warn people they need dlc to use said vic/heli?

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