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1.0.4 update

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Right please read this information carefully

We are in a position to release Exile 1.0.4. When we do that the servers will go down for a short period of time so we can implement the new version and check everything works ok. 

When we do restart the servers some thing will change. Please take note and DO NOT come in moaning about anything.

  • ALL servers will be wiped. This means everybody will start from scratch again. We took this decision as a few things have changed and we feel it is best to start again from a level playing field
  • Building rules have also changed. Please read the rules and note the changes are highlighted in white. If you are unsure about what the changes mean to you then ask and we will explain. 
  • Mission loot has been adjusted to make the harvesting of concrete a little harder to come by
  • A new trader has been added to the SE of the map and you will see that
  • Some areas that were previously allowed to be built on have now had military building added to stop players building anymore. (This applies to Esseker Only)
  • For the Time being, the Quad Deploying app have been removed, we may add this back at a later time. 

If you find any bugs or issues then please report them so we can fix them asap

Thanks for your time and understanding and happy gaming. 

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