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Special Event Vehicles

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Hello Everyone,

Today we are excited to pitch an idea to the entire BFC Community. Admin events are typically something fun we do time-to-time to pull everybody in the community together and have small compitions and give some rewards out to the winners. Today we have a new type of 'Special event' That will be running constantly for you guys. We may also decide that this will be a mission instead, so when one vehicle is destoryed, another can be put in game (at random) without having an admin online hosting the event. Heres the details;

The Rules for these Special Vehicles *Note they may change*

  • They will NOT be able to store them in a Virtual Garage
  • They will NOT be able to Re-arm them
  • They WILL recive a code, meaning it will save on server restart
  • There will only be 1 per server, this allow for you guys to try and battle for them

We also are thinking of having 2 list for you guys to pick from, these vehicles have all been checked and approved by the team. We may cycle between every other, so we could start with a Land vehicle, then the next one put in game would be a heli. (keep things spiced up abit) 

Land Vehicle List:


Helis list:



If you guys have any suggestions/feedback, please let us know!

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