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A.I City


Here's a suggestion from an old Arma 2 Overpoch Dayz server. They had something called an A.I City, which was super fun. The premise behind it was it was a giant compound walled in by shipping containers with various buildings, hangars, fortifications, etc. Every server restart, a set of AI would spawn guarding the city, both foot soldiers and some vehicles. Players could come and try to kill the A.I to make out with loot, which was separated into different boxes in different parts of the compound. Here's an example of someone, rather poorly, taking on the A.I city but feel free to skim

I feel like this would be a fun addition to the server, perhaps in the bottom left of the map, to allow players ahotzone to fight both A.I and each other in order to claim some good loot. As it stands now, PvP is often hard to come by and certain missions just devolve into people camping the boxes but a fast paced, walled in compound would force a squad to think tactically and fight both the A.I and any other players who might come to try and intercept them. Camping it would be a lot harder as well since the walls would block a lot of peoples line of sight. 

I think this would be a good addition to the server because it would be a change of pace and create another PvP hotspot, as PvP is usually hard to come by on such a good map and commonly one sided once it commences. The loot would be up to you, although it would be nice to have it be rare enough to risk the trip into the fray. The defenses would have to be pretty stiff with a lot of dug in positions, as well as certain emplacements/barricades to prevent players from driving superbly armored vehicles or helicopters over to clear it too fast. The layout of the compound I know in love in the video worked quite well as each section was cordoned off and I would love to be of assistance in creating it should you decide you want something like this, though I'm sure you're plenty capable of doing something like this yourselves. I even made a little mockup of it in the Eden editor though it's nowhere near done.

In conclusion, another fun challenge that isn't the same monotonous mission/ZCP farming, that rewards players for playing tactically could be a really fun addition to the server. 

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