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Not have the Zombies on the same team as AI

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They can not attack each other for difficulty if you want, sure. But having them as the same faction, being that if you aggro a zed, the zed will 'communicate' with the AI of nearby mission your location realtime. Now this would spark response of "But the AI notice the fuss of the zombies and find you that way, that's the reasoning behind it." However I believe this is flawed due to your reaction to the zeds will be to shoot them or avoid them. The shooting would alert the AI on its own unless you were using a lower caliber silenced weapon specifically for the zombies. The avoiding them would require quicker movement when the AI are already adept enough at tracking. Your responses to the zombies should alert the AI, not the zombies themselves.


I request this because I was in a situation where I was watching an AI mission for a few minutes, a nearby zombie meandered my way and took notice. When the zombie noticed me, before I responded in any fashion, the AI of the mission proceeded to use the zed's spot to notice me as well. My response to the zombie would've done that if handled incorrectly, punishing bad play. However instead I was punished for being noticed whatsoever; which in this particular situation... I'd argue that's bad design.


I say this without knowing the back-end or whether it was just poor timing of coincidence, have the Zombies and AI be different teams in a way so they remain allied (Or not, zeds vs AI would be fun to watch) to avoid said communication if that is what occurred. If this is an inbuilt restriction of Exile or not what is occurring, advise me.

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