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New Mod Suggestion(Better AI)

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Hello, me and my team been playing on the server found the Ai to be very spin bottie, We took a look at too mods Vcom ai and ASR Ai3, Vcom had issues with Zombies and would make them lay down or turn into civs, but thought testing we found no issues with ASR Ai3 and we think its something others might be intrested in. This mod aims to improve the way the AI work and communicate with each other, casuing them to act more as a unit communication skill and they are still very accrute and difficult but they dont come across as spin bottie as Vanilla AI. Avalible on Workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=642457233&searchtext=ASR+AI

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If you got a silencer and are at more than 300m away, they have a hard time finding you. Also, their difficulty scales depending on the mission, some will turn and snipe you if you miss, other run around like you're not even there. The worst are the ones that try to flank you. If you're in a forest, those mofos are hard to find.

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