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General Improvements & Suggestions

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I've been playing on the server a while now and its one of the better servers out there!! But there are a few things I would like to see treated differently.

Here's my list:

Make it so traders stop selling Ghillies, make them very rare spawns. (Add TYRYK clothing mod for more diversity)
Remove or replace CUP, low quality textures and most of them are really bad(damage wise). Replace with HLC/NIArms (SMA is great!)
Make vests and high teir weapons more rare+unbuyable.
Only spawn "randomly", makes fights really repetetive when someone comes back for their gear 20x. More unpredicable, specially in groups!
Remove "territory spawn"
Remove basic starting gear(maps, gun etc) and respect loudout.
Remove entry music!!!
More diverse or custom missions
Expensive vehicles, feels like everyones got 3 choppers and 5 cars. Doesn't feel like an apocalypse.
Make brightness/gamma unchangeable. Nobody uses nightvision anymore.
Fix zombie audio issue, sounds come like 1m behind you. When their 50m away.


Thanks for listening!

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Make the music longer and louder 

I use night vision all the time, main reason i will do missions once i have a base

you can not buy the good ghillie suits 

fuck dayz!

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