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Ni Arms

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Not sure what your guys' opinion is on weapon mods but NiArms is a really good weapons mod with alot of versatile guns, a good amount of servers have it so most people will have it downloaded already. There's some really fun guns to play with and it would add more variety to the server instead of just the usual Navids or 7.62 weapons. I'm not sure if it conflicts with any of the mods you guys have in right now but might be worth taking a look at. Honestly, just want my MG42 so i can light vehicles up like christmas trees :D i"m sure you have the better judgement here though so let me know what yah think ;) Any form of criticism is highly welcomed!

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10 hours ago, Skidmark said:

Ye we would love to but there is compatability issues with CUP.

How likely would it be that the server could 'discontinue' the use of CUP? Also is it just CUP weapons that had the compatability issue(s)? or other things too like buildings?

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