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Compressing Your Game Files

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Figured we needed a little something here to get some topics started. I have been messing around with CompactGUI and have found that it does actually work with your game files. This is all on my Samsung Evo Pro 500gig SSD. I do have a 4TB Western Digital HDD that I am still doing some tests on. However, they seem to be positive so far.  This also reduced the file size in a major way!!!


I have read a lot of great reviews about doing this. Here is one article on it. http://www.pcgamer.com/this-nifty-utility-purportedly-compacts-your-games-without-a-performance-hit/

My Results ~

SSD: Samsung Evp Pro 500 gig

Shadow of War - 64 FPS - Dropped the file size down to 8.3 gigs from 70 gigs.

The Witch 3 (GOTY) - 66 FPS - Dropped the file size down to 7.2 from 40 gigs.

Dark Souls 3 - 61 FPS - Dropped the file size down to 12 from 25 gigs.

There are some games that do not compress very well sadly. ARMA3 being one of them.....I was only able to save around 4 gigs from a 70 gig folder. Still, those of us with a SSD know the struggle!!


As for help doing it? 

I'm not going to do a lot of explaining. The software isn't hard to use at all. I will leave a link below to help guide you through it. I hope this helps some of you that struggle with SSD storage space. CHEERS!



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