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Delta 1-1

Questions about the new base raiding rules

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I do 100% agree with the rule changes. However, I feel as though there should be a buffer period to the rules being implied. Like a 3 day sort of thing with a global server message to allow everyone to read them over. Now it raises other grey area questions. At what point can you start to build again? And, lets say you do not have the correct building supplies at the moment to rebuild correctly. Are we supposed to leave our bases open? Or can we close them with what we have "for now". Saying, give us a day or 2 IF needed to gather the needed supplies to rebuild correctly. Now, if we have the supplies to do it, but we are just trying to close a base off, i think we should be allowed to use anything we have at the time and once things have stopped, we can rebuild correctly. You once told me you will not allow people to camp someone's base. Are they supposed to leave after some point and no longer camp us to not allow us to rebuild after we killed them all and wiped their gear? This should be cleared out with a conversation.

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