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Will we see new vehicles?

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I've been wondering if we will be seeing any form of new vehicles in future updates, as not to sound cheeky but the ones we have right now are getting a bit boring. I know the VTOL is amazing but unfortunately it wouldn't suit the map environment due to all the enclosed spaces and gigantic forests. Resulting in jets and planes most likely to be a no go. If this is possible it'd be great but if not then it's fine, we'll just have to deal with it. The server is already amazing and outdone all my expectations from when I first joined, my main inquiry is just that I hope this server keeps supplying us as a community with beautiful and enjoyable updates. I totally understand the time it could take and I am happy to wait, otherwise just keep up the amazing work and make sure this fun lasts forever! :) 

Thank you for an amazing experience!

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We are always looking to improve our servers and thank you for your suggestions. We are in the process of adding new mods and possibly new vehicles to our servers. Watch this space.....

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