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  1. Fluffbucket

    Discord bot

    It won't auto pay for you, you still have to do it every week, but you can do it from discord if you're unable to make the payment ontime, to pay for your base you have to DM the bot and say something like '/!pay bfc_napf abcde' (your base code) to get your base code (will be a 5 random letters) type '!territories bfc_ess2' and it will show all the bases you're on at that time.
  2. Fluffbucket

    Non-Kino Base Name

    taken care of.
  3. Fluffbucket

    Building Inside Houses

    Esseker is already a rather small map, if we let people build inside buildings or cities there wouldn't be much loot anywhere except airfields/military bases, then they will just be camped even worse, so then players would start camping missions even more often. There is a long and large butterfly effect if we would let people build in buildings on esseker.
  4. Fluffbucket

    Doctor fox combat logging

    Actually, this is a bug. Its avoiding a game feature we put in to help prevent 'zerging'. So this is basically bug abuse, logging out then logging in to get an advantage over others. If it was once we'd give a good talking to and a slap on the wrist, but because this was abused multiple times within minutes we will be giving out a harsher punishment. Ofcourse we will be looking into this, a official statement and rules update will be posted later to fully address the bug.
  5. Fluffbucket

    Improvement suggestions

    Ah. Figured you just implied 0 reputation bambis, but they do have guns but they wont lose respect for using them until they kill someone or the timer runs. They're not remotely close to being good. We think its a fair trade off, we could make them better and find a way to make them lose their bambi status. But then you have people losing the need to loot or buy things. The main purpose for bambis having these small arms are for killing zeds and having a chance to defend themself against other players while looting. We can look at making it easier to access the SE airfield trader, but we won't be moving it or shrinking it. We could also review physically moving the traders so you dont have to move as much.
  6. Fluffbucket

    Improvement suggestions

    1. We have no plans to arm bambis, and because of our spawn system (5 minutes cool down by spawn to prevent zerging). With that we try to prevent zerging to punish the original killer. But, If youre staying in the same place and not attempting to move or leave, but they keep coming back maybe its time to move or find a new place to watch a hotzone. (Ill assume its missions or cities where this happens the most.) But to sum it up, giving a bambi a gun wont solve anything because they could just as easily NOT pull it out and still bait you to lose respect. And then we have an issue where its too easy to spawn and kill someone. 2. We're aware some of the AA launchers have had some issues since the last arma update. Were hoping the Arma devs will fix this, but if there is no word or hint of a fix we will switch them out for something else. Or find another way for AA. 3. We can't really fix bad driving. 4. We have no plans to shut down E1 because its less populated for force other players to switch to E2. E1 is the slower pace server, its community is less pvp and more pve. We have no intentions to force them to switch their gameplay style. 5. Zombies will stay. How ever will the new survival server we are looking into different zombies. 6. Need more context on what you mean, are you having an issue with their locations or just because there arent roads going to all of them making people find other ways to get to a trader. Also some examples of what server/trader. 7. This is something I personally am working on, no ETA because all the servers are getting fresh new missions that I've been working on. So missions that spawn at restart are very heavy on server performance, this is while only napf has it, also it was designed from the start to have it, so adding it to other servers would take more time and we're not 100% sure on how our other servers would handle it.
  7. Fluffbucket

    Been playing since day 1

    We don't randomly get on and think 'Man whos base is getting deleted today.' You forgetting to pay it how ever can result in a base despawning.
  8. Fluffbucket

    Player stealing in trader

    dealt with thank you for the video.
  9. Fluffbucket

    Base gone

    it was actually due the 26th Jun 26, 2018 - 06:04 PM
  10. Fluffbucket

    Died randomly upon loading in.

    Sounds like when you logged in either a vehicle you logged near or a random vehicle that spawned after restart was near you in an object and it blew up when it registered.
  11. Fluffbucket

    Need Admin help

    go sell it or pay to have the code changed at the vehicle trader.
  12. Fluffbucket

    Safes despawning within 6 hours of use.

    PacMan REMOVEDGUID 176 Wild Cards Jun 02, 2018 - 06:31 PM Jun 02, 2018 - 06:31 PM Jun 09, 2018 - 09:05 PM It seems you simply forgot to pay your territory fee, I have restored it and it will appear the following restart. Please note, you must have the cash on you and pay the fee AT YOUR FLAG POLE NOT THE TRADER. This will be a 1 time thing, so if you don't in the future please realize we will not be restoring your territory.
  13. Fluffbucket

    Supply crates

    Little risk for little reward. Simple as that.
  14. Fluffbucket

    possible base hack

    They couldve been simply blown up.
  15. Fluffbucket

    Base fix ?

    @sierra165 Please do not spam new threats. Your base is at its maximum parts, if you've not level 6 upgrade your flag.