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  1. Trolling on trader

  2. Trader Stealing ( Captain America )

    A screenshot of somebody looking at the trader isn't enough evidence.
  3. Son using the SCAR 17 for 1st time.

    So you're gonna adapt me and take me out and shoot a scar right?
  4. Special Event Vehicles

    Hello Everyone, Today we are excited to pitch an idea to the entire BFC Community. Admin events are typically something fun we do time-to-time to pull everybody in the community together and have small compitions and give some rewards out to the winners. Today we have a new type of 'Special event' That will be running constantly for you guys. We may also decide that this will be a mission instead, so when one vehicle is destoryed, another can be put in game (at random) without having an admin online hosting the event. Heres the details; The Rules for these Special Vehicles *Note they may change* They will NOT be able to store them in a Virtual Garage They will NOT be able to Re-arm them They WILL recive a code, meaning it will save on server restart There will only be 1 per server, this allow for you guys to try and battle for them We also are thinking of having 2 list for you guys to pick from, these vehicles have all been checked and approved by the team. We may cycle between every other, so we could start with a Land vehicle, then the next one put in game would be a heli. (keep things spiced up abit) Land Vehicle List: http://forum.bravofoxtrotcompany.com/index.php?/topic/1991-proposed-list-for-special-land-vehicles/ Helis list: http://forum.bravofoxtrotcompany.com/index.php?/topic/1998-proposed-helis-for-special-vehicles-list/ If you guys have any suggestions/feedback, please let us know!
  5. CUP_B_UH1Y_Gunship_F Pilot Can Manual Fire CrewCheif Gun (Left), Also has 16 Missiles CrewCheif/Gunner: 2,000 x 1 M134 Capacity: 3,000 Armor: 60 Fuel: 1447 Flares: Yes B_T_VTOL_01_armed_blue_F Pilot can Manual fire Left gunner Left Gunner: 100 105mm HEAT, 4,000 20mm Right Gunner: 240 x 1 40mm GPR-T, 160 x 1 40mm HE Capacity: 3,000 Armor: 400 Fuel: 1000 Flares: yes CUP_B_AW159_Cannon_RN_Blackcat Pilot/CoPilot 1200 M126 (HE founds) and 12 Hydra Rockets Capacity: 3,000 Armor: 60 Fuel: 1001 CUP_I_AH6J_Escort19_RACS Pilot (Manual Fire) 2,000 M134, 48 Missles Capacity: 3,000 Armor: 50 Fuel: 242 Flares: yes Thermals: Yes CUP_B_Mi171Sh_ACR Pilot: 300 (orso Rockets) Left/Right/Rear Gunners 100 x 6 7.62mm PKTs Capacity: 3,000 Armor: 50 Fuel: 3,700
  6. CUP_B_Dingo_CZ_Des * NOT Exposed as Gunner Gunner: 200 x 7 40mm Grenade Launcher Capacity: 4,000 Armor: 120 Fuel: 94 CUP_RG31_M2_OD *Exposed as Gunner Gunner: 100 x 5 M2 Capacity: 2,000 Armor: 195 Fuel: 246 CUP_I_M60A3_RACS * Gunner 24 x 6 105mm and 1.2k x 6 5.56mm * Commander Seat 1.2k x 6 Ammo Type 5.56 Capacity: 3,000 Armor: 580 Fuel: 1885 CUP_B_Wolfhound_GMG_GB_W Gunner: 32 x 7 40mm Grenade Launcher * Exposed Gunner Capacity: 3,000 Armor: 180 Fuel: 45 CUP_0_T55_TK * Main Gunner 20 x 6 100mm (HE-FRAG & HEAT rounds) and and 250 x 6 7.62mm PKP Capacity: 3,000 Armor: 400 Fuel: 520 CUP_B_ZSU23_afghan_CDF 2,000 x 1 23mm Anti Air Capacity: 3000 Armor: 150 Fuel: 520 B_MBT_01_cannon_F Capacity: 3000 Armor: 700 Fuel: 20 I_APC_Wheeled_03_cannon_F Capacity: 3000 Armor: 200 Fuel: 45 CUP_B_M1128_MGS_Woodland_Slat Gunner: 20 x 3 105mm HE/Anti Vehicle rounds, 1,200 x 3 M240, *Gunner Not exposed, but Commander must be exposed to fire the Mounted M2 Capacity: 3,000 Armor: 335 Fuel: 246
  7. Stealing Tow Vehicles in Trader/Safezone

    When you're lifting vehicles with a heli it can be a hassle, you gotta jump out, get in the vehicle you wanna tow, jump back in the heli then lift it. It can be bad enough if someone is camping a vehicle, would just greatly increase the risk of being shot. Easier to just take the risk and record some safezone thief if it happens.
  8. CBA adddon

    CBA had an update an hour after their first, Close out everything Arma/A3L/Steam related, restarting steam is a good idea as well. Let it auto update, you should be good to go after that.
  9. Comp Request?

    Its not that I don't trust those links, but I don't... Can you upload them to youtube?
  10. Lone Wolf Service

    I mean, you could just start a team with the other solo players?
  11. Car stolen/dissapeared in safezone

    No.... If you leave a vehicle in the safezone at restart... On the rules page.
  12. Car stolen/dissapeared in safezone

    Vehicles are unlocked/deleted on restart if left in the safezone, the other guy probably got in your vehicle after the server restarted, Avoid leaving vehicles in the safezone on restart, you'll most likely lose them.
  13. Stealing Tow Cars in Safezone

    Taken care of, thanks for reporting.