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    Ni Arms

    Not sure what your guys' opinion is on weapon mods but NiArms is a really good weapons mod with alot of versatile guns, a good amount of servers have it so most people will have it downloaded already. There's some really fun guns to play with and it would add more variety to the server instead of just the usual Navids or 7.62 weapons. I'm not sure if it conflicts with any of the mods you guys have in right now but might be worth taking a look at. Honestly, just want my MG42 so i can light vehicles up like christmas trees i"m sure you have the better judgement here though so let me know what yah think Any form of criticism is highly welcomed!
  2. Red_Star_x

    Prime Admitting to duping

    Yea i did, Replied to it.
  3. Red_Star_x

    Prime Admitting to duping

    So let me start by saying hello, I have been playing with Prime for about 3 days now and we had some issues with him constantly stealing our stuff when we weren't online and what not so i dug a little bit without him knowing i knew what he did after we had already kicked him from our discord and from our family in game, and i got him to fully admit he was duping on your server. This guy is super racist and a compulsive lier, i've been in trader with him numerous times to watch him run around trolling and caliing people N***ers and Porch Monkeys Etc. aside from that, he admitted to us that he duped his entire bank account in discord many times but i got him to admit it in steam chat. I feel as if this individual needs to be banned for toxicity and also exploiting/cheating also on top of that he has a VAC ban on his steam account so he definitely isn't above cheating to get ahead but i'll leave that up to our glorious admin team to decide. Screenshots are below. The best part of this all is he lies to your face, like he told me My irl friend of like my entire life of 20 years was talking about killing and betraying me, which i find hilarious because we've put in most of our 2k+ arma hours together he then went on to say how he only said he was gunna dupe to trigger me or so he says but never once was i triggered i just had him caught up in his own lies. He literally will lie any chance he can get and thinks you'll believe it too. This guy is toxic and needs to not be on your guys' amazing server anymore, also if i may add, he plays with a group named Ranger As Fuck or RAF for short and i checked all their K/DR's and most of them are relatively lower than me and the other day they were spam buying MEVS and BRDM's which seems very fishy to me seeing as how they don't seem to have alot of play time yet apparently max banks. I've been playing on your server for just under 2 weeks now and i grind 5-8 hours a night usually and i only have 300 something thousand and i have a positive K/DR so it's not like i'm taking a whole lot of deaths to AI. I'm sure you can investigate this issue further in the logs but i just thought i would mention it as to bring awareness. Player id of Person in question: 76561198092198999 Steam name: Killerpaws808 InGame name: Prime https://prnt.sc/hhz7vt https://prnt.sc/hhz9cr https://prnt.sc/hhz9gp