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  1. If you look at your territory in the XM8 tablet, it gives the exact time the fee is due. Always get in the habit of paying the day before.
  2. Kats

    Doctor fox combat logging

    Might be worth a reminder. I see Player X died Player X disconnected Players X connecting multiple times over a restart from multiple players, from new and established players.
  3. Kats

    Improvement suggestions

    Yeah, the SE one is a chore to get around. The NE and SW ones are perfect. Not to hijack, but since you are the missions man Fluff, any way you know of to fix (on your end or my end) AI at missions that disappear into the ground? I've noticed a lot more lately that missions from my perspective are half sunk in the ground from 800-1600m out. Objects I can only see the top half of and if AI crouch or go prone, completely disappear. I've got draw distances to the max.
  4. Kats

    Improvement suggestions

    To piggyback #2, can players have a way to deal with armed choppers by buying something at the safe zone? Anyone can buy an armed choppers (and more players are doing this recently), but at the moment, to defend against them, players need to: -Acquire a launcher -Acquire ammo for the same launcher -Store launcher and ammo in base because you can't just be running around with them since they can't be bought -Retrieve launcher and ammo from base when alerted about an armed chopper -Hope to have an encounter with armed chopper I haven't used AA enough to really formulate an opinion on their effectiveness (think I'm one for three in trying to take one down), but I think the ability to buy them (even if expensive) is worth discussing. The bambi stuff can be weird sometimes. A teammate recently killed a bambi that had killed another teammate and he got nailed for being a bambi slayer.
  5. Kats

    Base gone

    Curious move having 20 crates full of stuff while at the same time having safes in storage.
  6. Kats

    Exile Esseker Suggestions

    How 'rare' do you plan on making them? On par with knives and thermal scanners?
  7. Kats

    using traders to run

    His video ends with 2:36 left before restart, the image with 2:35. NoGhost is towing a Hunter with 2:35 left that he didn't have at 2:36. I think we have a video, but it doesn't include him actually towing it, just flying around with it. If you can't do anything, you can't do anything. I just found it...interesting...his video ended before his shenanigans started, haha.
  8. Kats

    using traders to run

    I was driving to the safe zone to get a teammate who just spawned gear up. Started taking fire probably under 1km away from the safe zone. Figured these guys were either leaving the safe zone or patroling it, so I didn't let that alter my plans. After their video ends, NoGhostHere towed our Hunter and flew around the safe zone with it for a few minutes before putting it back down. It's faint, but you can see NoGhostHere's name in the chopper.
  9. Kats

    Unable to join

    No point in 1.0.3 since the servers are being updated to 1.0.4.
  10. Kats

    gageg stealing from safezone [video]

    Pretty surprising a player running around in cargo shorts wouldn't play on the up and up.
  11. Kats

    New on this game and server :D

    And many of those reasons won't even be his fault!
  12. Kats

    JSRS Sound Mod

    Am in favor of this.
  13. Kats

    Vote day & Quad bike swarms

    Right. Unless you are in a forest, it is light enough you don't really need NVG.
  14. Kats

    Vote day & Quad bike swarms

    I appreciate the fact this server has night (and doesn't accelerate time through it too).
  15. Kats

    Stealing Tow Vehicles in Trader/Safezone

    I don't fly, but I don't think lazy is the right word for pilots not wanting to land, get in the vehicle, take off, then tow. They are avoiding risk. I would agree calling ground vehicle tow players lazy for not jumping in as soon as they approach the vehicle though. Maybe only offer refunds to chopper pilots and not drivers? I'd also say stiffer bans for safe zone thieves, but I doubt they read the rules to begin with. I'll never understand how a player can watch someone bring a vehicle in then jump in immediatley. I blame their parents.