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  1. Kitesu

    Free strider?

    Another encounter.
  2. Kitesu

    sK Counter Raid

    sK Counter Raid.. video was edit to cut out a boring stuff. I don't make awesome videos like the other streamers. Hope you enjoy this or hate it.
  3. Kitesu

    AI Missions

    Thanks Skidmark! I pretty much pranced to my death there. Lol
  4. Kitesu

    AI Missions

    Wasn’t a player. I reviewed the main vid and saw that AI chilling behind the last one i killed. Didn’t realize it though at the time. I did encounter roaming AI before but in a pair. I will check it out again and see if I get the same result.. heard from another player that they didn’t experience that issue. Mission went smooth with them.. might just be me and was cursed exploring that damn underground facility.. Warning to other players, don’t explore the underground bunker at Altar. It’s huge, has a few glitches that almost killed me three times and you can get lost easily. If you want to check out the darkness, bring 5 first aid kits and good luck.
  5. Kitesu

    AI Missions

    Possible bug when AI Mission does the notification that the mission is complete but still has an AI alive. Was a very good run north. Didn't find a vehicle yet.
  6. Kitesu

    Switching between primary guns

    Cool, Here is a link to show what I did. I found that if the gun is shoulder and you switch, you lose it. https://youtu.be/87ZLYPSkrtY
  7. Kitesu

    Switching between primary guns

    possible an admin can rename this thread to Kit found a bug? wanna just use one thread to post stuff i find.. instead of making multiple ones, if not possible, i'll just make the next post that.. if i find stuff..
  8. Kitesu

    Switching between primary guns

    kk sounds good, had a feeling it might be but just thought of posting it.. also got a vid in case you guys want to see what i did to have caused it
  9. Kitesu

    Switching between primary guns

    also has a chance to lose one weapon
  10. Possible bug. when switching between primaries, the attachments vanish. Two cases confirmed atm.. will test again.
  11. Kitesu

    East Trader - Lockers

    disregard... relog and found them....
  12. Kitesu

    East Trader - Lockers

    Same at North... might just be me maybe..
  13. Kitesu

    East Trader - Lockers

    I could be blind, but not sure if lockers exist at East Trader.
  14. Kitesu

    Gage Trader Ramming

    Here is another incident