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  1. crush

    Funny Kill

  2. crush

    Thermal Mask + Blackhawk = OP

    or watch the video then go and raid devins base and get it, a lot easier.
  3. crush

    General Improvements & Suggestions

    Make the music longer and louder I use night vision all the time, main reason i will do missions once i have a base you can not buy the good ghillie suits fuck dayz!
  4. crush

    New Update

    congratulations to you both.
  5. crush

    Remove kill distance

    with so much to say its a shame you dont put your hand in your pocket kats
  6. crush

    Remove kill distance

    Never been a fan of the kill distance feed info given out and I would like to see it removed to make it harder for people to work out where you are during a fire fight.
  7. crush

    Reduce Maximum Locker Amount

    do you piss sitting down as well kats?
  8. crush

    Lingor Beta testing

    have i got a 100 hours? if so i will help
  9. crush

    bin the pressies!!!

    good stuff
  10. crush

    bin the pressies!!!

    please get rid of them they make the horrible task off looting 100 times worse
  11. crush

    Car Trolling at Traders

    that knobba did it to plenty, i had a video of him but never bothered putting it up when i come across this thread. unless its a few minutes after restart there is no need to be a fool and go in cars/crates at traders just ruin it for others
  12. crush

    Thermal Scanner Question

    5 times iirc
  13. at least you were not a name changing cunt like the rest of the wankers you play with, lie with dogs rise with fleas - remember that in the future marce.
  14. crush

    idiot going into crates....

    glitching them out so you can not open them and jumping into vehicles .