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  1. We have a few different bases on the Cherno map, We have been having a problem with vehicles disappearing from the virtual garages. We have tested it with purchased and mission vehicles and with some we have found in the world. Sometimes they stay a few days sometimes they are gone after one reset. We have also tried interacting with them but doesn't seem to make a difference. It's not really a game breaker but does suck when you have four or five uh-60's and striders disappearing on you.
  2. Unkonwn

    Illegal flag placement

    On the Cherno Map there is a base near Dichina straight north of Rogovo in a patch of trees,upon blasting through the wall i found the flag placed half way in the ground.
  3. Unkonwn

    Getting kicked when entering car\heli

    I talked to one of the guys a few hours ago and it's still kicking them.
  4. After the update we are getting kicked when trying to enter cars or helis.One of our guys came in 30-35 mins after the 9pm EST reset and flew for about 5 mins no problems.now we can't even get in them to turn them off.So far its two uh-60's and a black suv.Seems to be when they enter safe zone will edit when/if confirmed.
  5. Unkonwn

    Base Limitations

    I completely understand, We have 5-7 guys playing with us usually and we have been sharing a base so it gets crowded. Thanks for the answer it was just something i thought i'd ask.
  6. Unkonwn

    Base Location

    There is a base on Cherno map at the far north airfield right by the dome building,It's a lost closer than 500m to the building that spawn loot.
  7. Unkonwn

    Base Limitations

    Is there any reason for not allowing bases on Cherno map to max out at level 6 instead of 10? I understand it taking resources and affecting server performance but would it be that big of a hit with only 3-5 bases actually getting to and staying at that size for very long. Just a question I thought I would bring up, Thanks for any reply and thoughts.
  8. Unkonwn

    Base Issues

    There is a base on cherno map that needs to be looked at by a admin. Upon blowing through the wall i found the flag to be covered by wood supports, I pretty sure that's not allowed. Base name was Lords Castle.
  9. Unkonwn

    Somethings not right?

    No Sniper I'm sorry I do not have any video of this incident, I guess if i do return to the BFC servers I will have to record every moment. Thanks for a quick reply and whatever you decide to do.
  10. Unkonwn

    Somethings not right?

    I was playing on the Chernarus map when I started taking shots.Once I found they where coming from a player shooting from behind a parked car 1000m+ outside of the map.The 15 min server warning goes off and we begin to lock up and leave the area.That's when less than 20 seconds has gone by my friend gets shoot from 42m and his strider is stolen.I also in a strider give chase to the trader,While trying to comprehend how a guy runs not drives 1000-1100 meters in 20 seconds gets out and shoots a guy.Upon getting to the trader I slide in to the trade zone hitting the driver while he exits.When i back up another guy gets out of the same strider,How when he was also driving the one that was parked off the map and two people seen only one enter and he never stopped on the way to the trader.So after all of this i proceed to run them over in the trader(I know this is against the rules but giving the situation and everthing that just happen).He then tells me he's a admin and can do anything he wants on this server when i ask what his deal is.Less than 10 seconds later I get a ban for griefing,I understand the ban for running them over but if this guy admits he can do anything he wants on this server and bans people that stop him from taking advantage of them by using his "privilege" to bend the rules,My main problem is if "Hackers" aren't allowed to use teleport and esp and all that crap then admins shouldn't be allowed to use it in play either if it was to watch for suspicious acts fine but to gain in game rep or mone or just to grief us thats just not right.I would like to see this looked into and if Jerome and Fear/reaper are allowed to do this we are sadly done with the BFC servers.