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  1. Depends what you class as good but pretty blatant lmao
  2. SjMX

    using traders to run

    Had a guy moan about us doing it last night when we were clearly already going to the trader like these guys are and he was trying to ram us in a car not even shoot us lol
  3. SjMX


    Hello and welcome 2 sugars please.
  4. SjMX

    alexencore Cheating

    Only bumped into this guy a twice the once I was having a smoke afk literally in the middle of no where and somehow got killed by him which was odd as there were no missions near me and it's a pretty dead area of the map other than that I can't give my opinion on him but I did find that odd lol. Him and his group do also use drones 90% of the time. They are a Chinese group and I don't think they speak a great deal of English.
  5. SjMX

    New on this game and server :D

    Welcome to the BFC community Byron and wow new on arma you have much to learn I hope your a a patient person cause your probably going to die a lot for many different reasons haha
  6. SjMX

    Frank Castle racial abuse

    It's at the end of the vid.
  7. SjMX

    Vote day & Quad bike swarms

    I was going to say it's not even dark at all in the night on the server lol
  8. Do you just mean when you get killed in a vehicle then the guy gets in and drives off and you see him or something else ?
  9. SjMX

    HI all Moonhorse here ....

    Hello and welcome to the server
  10. SjMX

    Thermal Mask + Blackhawk = OP

    You need to go to controls > custom controls and then set a key for user action 1 or possibly 2 one of them is for advanced movement the other is for the 3d markers. Then press that key to place the 3d marker and if you need to remove the marker click in the sky and it goes.
  11. SjMX

    Comp Request?

    The links are fine
  12. SjMX

    Funny Kill

    When Jesse has a guest shouting open up bitch at his base lmao