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  1. SniperMunyShotz

    Logged in to pay protection money on the day it was due...

    Yea these bases are database driven, its not possible to do a variable time, so if you pay exactly at 4:00 pm, you have to pay it by that time or at 6:00 it goes by by, like most say, do it the day before.
  2. SniperMunyShotz

    Napf restart

    This should be fixed, thanks for letting us know
  3. SniperMunyShotz

    Doctor fox combat logging

    Their is already a 5 minute timer
  4. SniperMunyShotz

    Construction Aborted

    Base name? too many objects? Or is your flag stolen?
  5. SniperMunyShotz

    1.0.4 Update - Issues

    Check out some apps next reboot
  6. SniperMunyShotz

    CBA Updated

    CBA has been updated on all servers, if you are getting key errors, please make sure you exit steam and let it update your client.
  7. SniperMunyShotz

    Chenarus map having issues again.

    Sweet and you should notice the nbumbers picking up lately, keep the info coming, ask some other players etc to post here if they can for improvements, we are looking at RHS again
  8. SniperMunyShotz

    Yo Admins and BFC staff, please read.

    Jesse, chop chop!
  9. So will try to address the questions here but may miss one or twelve ha ha. We do not reset unless it is necessary. Yes the db can get large, but we compensate it by making sure things clear out over time. For instance, forget to use a safe for 72 hours, gone, vehicle for 3 days, gone, not playing in 90 days, gone etc. All though I do like the idea of a reset every so often to keep things fresh, it always pissing some group off. But something to consider for sure. As far as the vehicle bug, that has been resolved since the latest arma bug on esseker so we are super happy about that. Lingor does have its moments, but tell us what we can do to improve it. We try to keep the same flavor on every map for simplicity of managing the servers, but always looking for ideas. And yes, the reason we have two essekers is because it is always full so we allow players to spill into the other. They are the same between the two. What's funny is a year ago it was backwards, 2 was at 15-20 players and 1 was full, then it switched. I would expect it will switch again at somepoint, or for about 4 months before tanoa, both was full.
  10. SniperMunyShotz

    New Update

    They are part of the family of course, now they just get to have more pain.
  11. SniperMunyShotz

    New Update

    BFC is proud to announce that we have two new honorary owners being added to BFC. Some of you may have seen some guy name @Skidmark and some even weirder guy named @Bave. They have been with BFC for a very long time and have put in just as much if not more blood, sweat, tears, laughs, and work as Spackler and myself. So if you see them around, give them a congrats!
  12. SniperMunyShotz

    New Developer on Board

    BFC is proud to announce that we have a new dedicated Dev on board, StokesMagee. He is well known in the Arma Dev community and has some scripts you have seen on our servers as well as many others. Stokes is not here to admin or be in the servers at all, so please do not PM him in discord or in the forums expecting him to help. He is here to dev and help bring BFC to the next level. We have already started with some things that you have seen, some you have not. If you do have any great ideas or suggestions, please pass them along in the suggestions thread and not discord so we can refer back easily.
  13. SniperMunyShotz

    Chenarus map having issues again.

    How about now?
  14. Always the chance with a major update of course, but now I am curious, should we do a poll on this?
  15. SniperMunyShotz

    Getting kicked when entering car\heli

    Awesome, thanks for the update, redux is updating often with some cool stuff.