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  1. Sociopathic

    amazi trolling in safe zone

    How'd he get the launcher from you?
  2. Roses are RED

    and so is the STATE

    Let us be comrades

    because YOU are great!

  3. Sociopathic

    Advanced Rappeling Mod

    I think this map would go great with the Advanced Rappeling mod/urban rappeling mod.
  4. Sociopathic

    Lavorda exploiting inside a rock

    If you were desyncing/lagging you would have "shotgunned" me. I've included a clip in case you don't know what "shotgunning" is. Shotgunning in this sense is when a person loses connection whilst firing all of their bullets hit the target at once at the moment they resync with the server, that has a tell tell "shotgunning" sound. Which clearly isn't the case. Another example.
  5. Sociopathic

    Lavorda exploiting inside a rock