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  1. Jerome

    Reduce Maximum Locker Amount

    its not hard to get cash on the servers i play on 3 of em and ive been giving away more then 3 mil to my teammembers bcs of my locker is full i buy random shit and sell it to get more rep and shit like that if you struggle getting cash you doing something wrong
  2. Jerome

    Esseker Hardcore Survival Map?

    Its a mod calld Exile Reborn where you have to search AI and zombies for intel sometime you get map cords of a mission etc something like that wuld be nice
  3. Jerome

    Esseker Hardcore Survival Map?

    cherno redux and missions but with crap loot
  4. its alrdy something like this out there exile reborn or something its calld you need to scrap crashd cars and so for parts to repair and hard to find any military loot need to scavenge clues from zeds dead players/ai for cords for missions and so on
  5. Jerome

    Lingor Beta testing

    Id be up for it
  6. Jerome

    PVP stat

    Hello. The pvp stats on cherno havent been working for quite awhile now just letting you know
  7. Jerome

    blackhawk bug

    ^ yes encounterd it on the cherno server
  8. Jerome

    Somethings not right?

    and where did i say say that i can do anything i want on this server and shit like that? the only thing i said thanks for running me over and letting me get he proof of it
  9. Jerome

    Somethings not right?

    Let's see it was me that was outside the map bounderis sniping you guys and fyi my team member was inside the truck the entire time using the camera to keep eyes on one of you guys over there as i keep track of the other one and when we started taking shoots i jumpd in the driver seat and we drove towards your base defilated and i jumpd out he went to driver seat and took of to trader, I ran up to your base saw some1 sitting inside the driver seat of the strider so i shoot him take the car to trader when you try to ram me and then continiusly run over me and my team member inside the safe zone
  10. Jerome

    Bad Base?

    Hello I was flying over this base calld Candy Shop on veresnik hill right next to a deer stand that i know spawn loot
  11. Jerome

    View Distance

    Hello wuld it be okey to up the view distance on a map like cherno its nice to get the longrange sniping down range and its quite a big map aswell
  12. Jerome

    hacker ?

    think it was warkiller that said i was shooting before being upstairs or something and then straight after some1 calld for a admin in your group so... But il let the admins deal with it and we will see what they find out so
  13. Jerome

    hacker ?

    not hard to figure out you were gonna go on the forum if you complain in the game tho
  14. Jerome

    hacker ?

    yeah bcs its hard to spot a sand ghilie under a pinetree but yeh send the proof and we let them decide.... And regarding that kill inside the tower 3rd person and prefire ftw
  15. Jerome

    hacker ?

    okey have you heard of uav and more then 1 guy in the area that can give intel?