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  1. John

    Extended base mod arma 3

    Will it be deployed?
  2. John

    Base in Building

    Was this construction allowed?
  3. John

    Rule change on base raiding

    Allright thanks
  4. John


    Fine, thank you
  5. John

    John B)

    Oi, meu nome em jogo é john, morro no Brasil e já acompanho o servidor a uns dois meses, jogo junto com um grupo de amigos então não mecham comigo (rsrsrs), zuera, estou a 4h longe do computador e me sinto renovado, as vezes tenho recaídas e volto ao vício, mas estou melhorando, kkkkkk . Hi, my name is John, I live in Brazil and I already follow the server for about two months, I play together with a group of friends, so do not mess with me (rsrsrs), joking, I'm 4 hours away from the computer and I feel renewed , sometimes I have relapses and I go back to the addiction, but I'm getting better, lol. I would like to say that I spent a lot of time trying to correct the writing of a language that I do not know, so I'm sorry for writing something wrong or it does not make sense.
  6. John

    Rule change on base raiding

    After what period can i move something?
  7. John


    And Loading in the vehicles also.
  8. John


    Please put towing
  9. John

    Rule change on base raiding

    Thank you very much for clarifying and for writing in Portuguese, you are the guy. The best Adm
  10. John

    Rule change on base raiding

    ***** Editado ***** Não há partes de base / armazenamento, por exemplo, cofres, etc, podem ser movidos pelos proprietários enquanto uma invasão está em progresso ***** I did not understand
  11. John

    hacker ?

    Thank you for responding, and thank you for being attentive to this matter.
  12. John

    Update scripst

    And what would be?? I did not find the topic for these subjects
  13. John

    Update scripst

    has suspicious activity on the chernarus server, does any adm go online sometimes?
  14. John

    Update scripst

    Please put the same esseker scripts on the chernarus, like the tow and others.