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  1. DayZmeROLLIN

    New Vehicles Suggestion

    for the Lols what about bringing a small pack like this on the server? would take 2 mins for people to download and brings abit more humour to the server http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32426
  2. DayZmeROLLIN

    500m rule?

    Yesterday when playing on the server i was attempting to build a base when i came into a problem... the 500m away from buildings rule! i understand the rule because of the fact people fortifying buildings as a base but on a map as small as esseker it becomes near impossible to find a cool base location and ends up being the only place you may build is an open field or a Forrest. so here i compose that the 500m rule is not removed but just lowered to 200m say? Those that would also like to see a change in this please comment too and also those that disagree please feel free to comment and criticise my opinion. Cheers, Tom (DayZmeROLLIN)