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  1. McSpuds

    Son using the SCAR 17 for 1st time.

    Come out to the house, we can shoot all day.................
  2. Here is a nice video taken today of the boy using our SCAR 17 for the first time. the Glock too... Sons 1st Shot with SCAR 17 Getting the hang of it Using the GLOCK 19
  3. Here is an example of a base that is deleted. Two wrongs, both earn a base delete, so this is a twofor
  4. McSpuds

    Esseker Hardcore Survival Map?

    That is a good mod, but to get high volume pvp, all players need to see mission... The new Cherno Update makes Cherno the map... good lord that is turning into a sweet map.... they should have that feel on most maps.
  5. McSpuds

    Esseker Hardcore Survival Map?

    Good feedback..... I like the idea of having High end loot on Roaming AI and Heli, then having low to med loot on missions. would give players something to do when they do get restless.... We could take the loot that is in missions and make sure it is NOT in regular ground loot. Use ground loot for average loot like food and repair items...
  6. McSpuds

    Esseker Hardcore Survival Map?

    We are looking at building a hardcore survival map for those who like a tough challenge. The map will be Esseker at this time, although the new Cherno Redux map is a nice map for survival servers. Possible Options to be included No traders Loot will be by savaging in buildings, vehicles, and killing roaming AI. No Missions other than a heli crash mission All items to include base parts will need to be made or repaired by savaging. IE... Wood wall will need wood, nails, saw and a hammer A vehicle with no tires will need a foolbox and a tire to repair Fueling by gas can only Bases may be built in non-military areas to include inside buildings
  7. With Lingor just now pushing out for us we are excited and hopeful that it will become populated as Esseker I has recently. What me question is though... Is there enough support out there in the BFC community for a true, hardcore, survival server. One where you have to really loot and scavenge to get parts for vehicles ect. Fuel has to be taken from cars or gas stations in cans.... no refueling. No Tape, you get a flat tire, you go find a tire.... Like Arma II: Origins. and best of all no traders... we provide a safe zone, but no traders, the players can trade there safely. Just curious....
  8. McSpuds

    160K Taru vs Stinger

    I have trouble with both the stinger and Igla, they seam to both hit me very well......................
  9. McSpuds

    Base Moving/Donations

    I have a small suggestion to maybe help with a small amount of donations. Many of us build larger bases, and upgrade to level 6. To move that base in the future, if we wanted to, we either have to have base deleted by admin, or not pay rent. Either way we loose our money invested in the six levels. How about allowing players to move their base via admin/infiSTAR assistance to pack base parts, and refund amount of money for current base levels, all for a small donation to the server? This would compensate the server/admin for their time. Once a player has made a small donation and informed the admin, the admin could use infiSTAR to "pack" the base, and add the current base level amount to the players bank account. Then give the player a few "Risk Free" minutes to pack contents and leave area. This would accomplish two things, one, it would help with funding. Two, it will allow players to relocate larger bases, thus keeping players active on the server. I know myself I get bored with my current location, or see a different location I like better as the dynamics on the server change. Thoughts?
  10. McSpuds


    Not really a complaint, but an observation. Before adding towing to Esseker the gameplay was very well balanced. There where vehicles to be found fairly easily during the entire course of the 3 hour cycle. Most importantly the missions lasted long after the actual objective was over because the loot had to be handled selectively as you could not carry it all off with out risking your life. It created lots of lasting skirmishes. Not that we have towing, we have a wonderful way to make money the first 20 minutes of each cycle by rounding up all the vehicles, but after that, the vehicles are scarce and the missions end with the entire loot being quickly stashed and routed to the trader. not much in fighting at all only a few quick kills if there is a camper and thats it.. I do like the towing to be honest, but there is definitely a noticeable change in the balance of game play on the server now.
  11. McSpuds

    Hello from Kentucky

    Just joined the site. I am a retired Army Sergeant looking for a decent group and place to call home. Will be on the servers looking around.