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    A few changes

    Makes sense about the weather, ArmA's engine is trash. A little weather goes a long ways in terms of immersion and gameplay. Maybe it would be possible to allow a dynamic weather system to take effect when server pop is low? I don't know, I've never messed with scripts in ArmA, but thanks for reading my trash requests
  2. DerpingOnSunshine

    A few changes

    I've forgotten another thing, the weather is super lame. Almost always sunny or a drizzle. Nights are always full moon, negating the usefulness of NVGs. It would be awesome to see more lightning storms and thicc fog every now and then, along with dark ass nights which require NVGs. Thanks for listening to my ranting
  3. DerpingOnSunshine

    A few changes

    I've played on this server for a few weeks and frankly I enjoy the sh*t out of it. It's the best exile server I've played on, but after playing I've noticed a few things could be better.. Mods CUP doesn't add enough content to fulfill my wet dreams. RHSAFRF and RHSUSAF along with an optional mod, TRYK's Uniforms would add considerably more content than CUP does currently. This would allow for more customization's and more diverse gameplay along with new toys and vehicles to play with. Another mod I love to play with is Specialist military arms (SMA), as it adds some pretty cool guns. Loot Balance Weapons: Currently, the spawn rate of large caliber guns, mainly Navids (9.3mm), SPMGs (.338 Cal) and high powered snipers such as the Lynx (12.8mm, .50 Cal), is much too high to allow for balanced gameplay. As it stands, you can do one capture mission and collect 1-3 SPMGs, Navids and sniper rifles. These high caliber weapons can easily penetrate all vehicles currently available and have effective ranges of ~1+Km. I think gameplay would be a lot more interesting if these high caliber weapons were rare to find, thus making them more valuable and protected. Right now most, if not all people currently playing will roam with these weapons and not care if they lose them. These weapons also take ~1-2 shots to kill from ~.5Km - 1Km. In my opinion, gameplay would be far better off making weapons increasingly rare depending on their caliber and range (e.g. 5.56 Weapons common, 7.62 Weapons uncommon and anything above 7.62 rare). This would make looting more useful and worth-while, while making PvP more interesting as you will have to use skill rather than rely solely on your weapon to kill others. Armor: This is just nitpicking, but I would like to see armor become less common. The GL rigs (most armor in the game) are extremely cheap and easy to find. A simple exponential loot table depending on armor value would make armor more sought after. The prices of said armor should also be increase depending on how much capacity/armor they have. This would render level 1 armor common and level 5+ armor rare and sought after. This, in combination with weapon balancing and loot balancing, would allow for better PvP. One last thing, military buildings and complexes are not very interesting with lame spawns. It would be interesting to have the good loot spawn at these places. Weapon Balancing 5.56 weapons are currently useless, as they do hardly any damage. It takes ~10+ shots to kill a lightly armored person from ~100m away. 7.62 isn't much better. These weapons need a slight increase in damage to render them useful. 9mm / .45 ACP handguns could also use a tiny increase. Traders Not much can be said about the traders other than changes to pricing according to the weapon/loot balance. Maybe more options for camo? Spawns More nitpicking, but it would be interesting if there were less spawns around the map. This would prevent people trying to zerg rush a person's base or mission. (Maybe add a spawn timer?) Zombies Most zombies are walkers, which make them easy to kill and nothing more than a nuisance. Adding more varied zombies such as crawlers, runners, etc to the spawnlist would make looting towns and drops much more interesting and challenging. (Also, possibly add demon zombies to the spawnlist?) TL;DR - Make gameplay more challenging and interesting through the use of re-balancing loot tables and weapons. All in all, this is my favorite exile server. The people playing are (usually) non-toxic and supportive and the admins are always helpful. These changes could make this server everybody's favorite exile server. Your favorite derp, DerpingOnSunshine