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  1. Wingnut

    just more Bullying.

    Pretty gud clips in this! Keep up the good work!
  2. Wingnut

    Non-Kino Base Name

  3. Wingnut

    Non-Kino Base Name

    Picture speaks for itself.
  4. Wingnut

    Unexpected Restart Destroyed Uh60

    You do not need to be online depending upon which admin handles the claim. Skid, Sniper, and the other higher ups should be able to process it out of game if this still hasn't been handled.
  5. Wingnut

    Reduce Maximum Locker Amount

    It would take hours to count through them all. Quite a few though, I assure you. Keep in mind, the list I'm viewing also contains players who probably haven't logged on in a very long time as well.
  6. Wingnut

    Reduce Maximum Locker Amount

    Currently 5 players have hit the $900,000 mark. Numerous others are close to the maximum. Also interestingly, there are currently 101,180,793 poptabs divvied up among the players of Esseker 2.
  7. Wingnut

    Esseker Hardcore Survival Map?

    Cherno Redux It's starting to get more creepy on that map due to updates, would add to the flair.
  8. Wingnut

    CUP German Outfit glitch

    The only way to get the outfit once on the ground is to use 'Take All'. I'd advise you to drop all of your bambi gear on the ground first. As an avid user of CUP uniforms, I can affirm this works perfectly each time.
  9. Wingnut

    Base Raiding

    You're not building correctly.
  10. Wingnut

    Simple Mine System

    +1 Love this. As an adamant believer in mines and explosives, this would be a welcome addition in my opinion. EDIT: That jazzy number in the sales pitch is what really does it for me.
  11. Wingnut

    AA12 mod

    That would be a decent barrier against the abuse. Though it would definitely need to be out of the loot table and only purchasable at traders to ensure it works.
  12. Wingnut

    AA12 mod

    I'm not the final say but I wager the knockdown/knockout ability of the two kinetic type shots would be abused quite a bit by players. Just my 2¢
  13. Wingnut

    New Vehicles/ Track based

    Seems you're right. At one time, the M113 was in the Esseker server. It must've removed it. As I recall it was difficult to use in game due to a glitch that wouldn't allow you to access the Lock/Unlock/Repair functions in the menu for the vehicle.
  14. Wingnut

    New Vehicles/ Track based

    As far as I'm aware, the medevac version of the M113 is already in the purchase list for our Esseker servers.