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  1. TF-TONY

    Server going live

    nice skidmark i love you
  2. TF-TONY

    why ban me

    how long unban
  3. TF-TONY

    why ban me

    how long unban
  4. TF-TONY

    hi skidmark

    okskidmark gosleep i think i followhomo
  5. TF-TONY

    hi skidmark

    Hello skidmark, I was a Chinese anchor TFTONY had to play this game is also seen after the frankie video after the purchase I like this game, reached the point of fever, for my mistakes in this server, I think some time is not a permanent ban can solve any problems, I like your fair work, I and my Chinese teammates said it was a fair server, do not violate the rules of the server, because I do not understand English, because Did not learn, and delta learning, I am in this server 1000 hours and can not explain I all understand these rules because yesterday in the delta sent to me before the server rules I have never seen these rules, this is my question, Including that you think the base wall of the problem, there are also some of the rules I saw yesterday, delta told me that this is not right I immediately removed the wall, I am afraid to violate the server rules, I want to be a good player, including my fans I will tell them these rules now that I have tried to translate the rules of the server, I do not ask you, I just tell me Own voice, because never learned English. Sometimes I am not fair, the game itself is very difficult, and some people will glimpse my live screen to hit me, so you can understand me. All my videos will be saved and uploaded, which records a lot of things, these are private, and can not decide those who are wrong and ban people. Each team has, because they are bad people, we are Tomorrow, they are in the dark, this is what you call fair, but I did not read the server rules, this is my problem, because you also know that the server is the most kill me, playing npc score is the highest I, because I love this The game, the whole of China on my live you this server, you also know how much I love your server, I hope I can become a good player, and sometimes can not avoid violation of the server rules, because we provide video, the server players will Laughing we are more stupid to provide their own video to their own ban, which is fair to me, I hope I will not happen this kind of thing after the ban can have, but not permanent, because i love this server, I hope come back? Thanks skidmark and other administrators to watch
  6. TF-TONY

    Base Paint

    #1base delta
  7. TF-TONY


    i like you skidmark
  8. TF-TONY

    Exile Ess. #2 Trade Zone Grief

  9. TF-TONY

    Price Changes

    very hard