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  1. Muttley

    Respect suggestion for chopping trees

    I can see this being a nice feature to the respect grind. But I can also see this being easily abused, that being if people would rather chop trees then play the objectives. All though it really doesn't effect balance all that much. I'd like this simply because there's nothing better then grinding for something less pleasing and getting rewarded for it. In away this could motivate people to base build a little bit more. I too, am not sure if this is something that can actually be done, but it's a good suggestion.
  2. Muttley

    Can you build better?

    Very clean.
  3. Muttley

    Player Swifty camping NW trader on Cherno

    As far as what I've taken from this Zach and Swifty were defending a Strider. Then led to trader camping, may have been unintentional but ultimately resulted in a one day ban. Couldn't really see why it took three deaths for you guys to loot and move the Strider.
  4. Muttley

    Floating/silent Ural

    I had this same issue last night where I could see the Ural driving completely normal but my friend saw it flying. I believe after some time it just fixed it's self.
  5. Muttley


    This would be a nice feature if it's not already implemented.
  6. Muttley

    Indsutrial untz untz

    I wouldn't mind seeing the loot balanced a little bit better. Adding to this, I would love to see more space in safes for the amount you pay for them. Good suggestion!
  7. Muttley


    I would love to see this become a thing!
  8. Muttley

    Two "ESSENTIAL" addons this server needs!

    Thrilled to hear that, I appreciate the response. Any chance we could get an ETA for the 64 bit server and potentially these addons?
  9. Muttley

    vehicle suggestion.

    I too, also have a small suggestion for a vehicle, perfect timing for this thread I was very close to making my own. So I know the server is un-militarized, but I have a medium vehicle I'd love to see as the end game big bady. Anything with a cannon weapon, nothing tank related. P.S - I love the idea of the old medical BTR! BTR-90 (Arma 2) AMV-7 Marshall (Arma 3)
  10. Muttley

    Two "ESSENTIAL" addons this server needs!

    Agreed I've never seen more then single car towing until I saw that vehicle. I suppose Arma 2s towing didn't even have a rope. I completely agree on the money. I didn't finish the video, 50k is far to much. Also I wouldn't mind seeing no more then 3 active at once.
  11. Muttley

    Advanced movements.

    By any chance could you explain how you enabled it or got the options?
  12. Hello, As an avid Arma DayZ / Exile player there are just a few addons my team and I simply can't live without. Let me start with, we haven't found an Arma 3 Exile server better then this one. If so I probably wouldn't be taking the time out of my day to put this together. We really see potential in these servers and we want them to be perfect. That being said let's get started with my two average requests. On the top of my list is Towing - This is hands down one of the most needed addon for all of the BFC servers. Clearly your servers spawn a average amount of vehicles, in my opinion a perfect amount. But I hate the fact that I'll find a vehicle that I would love to keep or even sell but I can't grab. Simply because I don't wanna drop my vehicle in the middle of a field and drive this newly found vehicle to my base or trader and run all the way back to mine. This not being on the server makes me not wanna log in and play, with out friends. You should be able to tow with any vehicle, eventually maybe make it to where the lower end vehicles can't tow, such as little birds and small cars. Of course bikes and quads should not be able to tow other vehicles. Example of Towing Finally, a less needed addon, yet still super important to me. I feel like this addon will add a beautiful element to the servers just like it had when my team and I would play on old Arma 2 servers. Weed Farms - So lets say you don't feel like buying a vehicle, driving to a city so you can stocking up on toilet paper and insta-docs to build your money. Yeah missions are an option but, maybe you don't wanna risk everything assuming you're new or newish to the server and you spent you're life savings of pop tags in the post-apocalyptic world on the vehicle you're driving. This is where weed farms come in, maybe you're thinking weed farms are easy money, you're wrong I can assure you people will be going for this low risk money. Side note I wouldn't mind seeing AI guarding it to spice it up, this could add a little more risk. As for location normally you'd seem them place on the edges of the map, which makes sense because weed is "illegal". All though I wouldn't mind seeing one or two spawn more central to the map. Normally there are 5 farms active max and they're treated similar to missions, complete one and another will spawn in some time. Finally, that all being said I've ran and manipulated code in a successful Arma 2 server I partnered in, from experience these addons not only made solo playing more enjoyable it made the server more diverse when building currency. Example of Weed Farms Sincerely, Matt, also know as Colors.