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  1. Anthony6270

    vehicle suggestion.

    The vehicle is pretty good right now but I just wanna put my opinion out there to spice up the market of vehicles. And also maybe some low tier price cars for new players I understand you start with 20k with that being said its 15k for a suv/btr and once you lose that you're left with spawn atv I myself wouldn't mind seeing the ATV for 2k or even lowering the SUV(arma 3) to ~7k GAZ Vodnik 2x PKM "CUP_O_GAZ_Vodnik_PK_RU" GAZ VODNIK MEDICAL "CUP_O_GAZ_Vodnik_MedEvac_RU" Mastiff PPV HMG "CUP_B_Mastiff_HMG_GB_D" This has three variants HMG/LMG/GMG RG-31 m2 OD "CUP_B_RG31_M2_OD_USMC" They'd fit in pretty well IMO seeing Capture points drop rpg's and higher cal. weapons.
  2. Anthony6270

    Two "ESSENTIAL" addons this server needs!

    With the Towing I'd like to see only if it was one vehicle per-tow. As for the the Weed farms I'd think it be a great idea if you can edit it to where you don't get too much money per-mission from the video it looks like they spawn around 4-5 "batches" of weed to collect for money and thats around 5 money stacks so thats a good ol' 50k which is more then what you make from a capture point atm (make around 25k-35k if you pick it clean.) But non of the less I'd think they would but be amazing adds if they are balanced
  3. Anthony6270

    Advanced movements.

    Launch arma from steam then make sure you have all these mods enabled
  4. Anthony6270

    Advanced movements.

    Found out it is optional good work so far guys.
  5. Anthony6270

    Advanced movements.

    Advanced movements currently isn't working on the sever.
  6. Anthony6270

    Extra content idea's

    For the most part the weapons are fine this mod pack isn't really Nato weapon focused and more russian focused the only things I'd like to see add like I've said would be uniforms, headgear, and backpacks I can go get and get all of the codes myself if needed but personally I'd like to see the ACU uniforms and a bigger selection of backpacks. Like Duncan said its not just specific ones just more variety I will go threw the and grab the codes to backpacks myself and try to keep out anything that has a bigger capacity then the Bergen backpack
  7. Anthony6270

    Extra content idea's

    I agree with this 100% I've played on the sever for a couple days really solid. With that being said I also feel maybe adding a few more cup vest/uniforms/helms/weapons Other then that like I said its pretty solid not to many vehicles but much rather not have tanks everywhere but rather then start a new thread I'ma just state my suggestions from here. We need more cup content we have the mods downloaded just more or less a mission file update and some good ol' copy pasto from the armory in arma already and Adv. Movements wouldn't be to bad I know you guys have a sever with that but the sever has only peaked out at 3 players compared to both esseker severs making that sever having adv. moments pointless. No hard feeling are meant in my response love what is going on in sever regardless.