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  1. IPaidForWinRAR

    Jesus Lovers and Friends

    You can if need be. But i did run his ass over for a solid 15 minutes that's the only thing truthful that he's alleged.
  2. IPaidForWinRAR

    Jesus Lovers and Friends

    Just kidding Airkevin 777 had nothing to do with it i was gonna be a dick and let him be banned but i can't. Hes actually innocent. Also, Never admitted to having multiple steam accounts because that's dumb and we don't. Also weren't cheating just running his bitch ass over in safezone cause hes a beta bitch. Ban me bitch. Sincerely WinRAR ❤️
  3. IPaidForWinRAR

    Jesus Lovers and Friends

    Ban me Pussies Also It was Me, Bwitk, Eagle Cohort, Airkevin777 who dicked on this d00d
  4. IPaidForWinRAR

    Ni Arms

    Get rid of CUP, NI Arms is the shit.
  5. IPaidForWinRAR

    dis d00d a douche

    He may be illiterate but we all know what he meant.
  6. IPaidForWinRAR

    Lingor Beta testing

    Put me in, Coach
  7. IPaidForWinRAR


    I'm not really one for snitching but this dude a PooC.