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  1. Rainbow

    Indsutrial untz untz

    Any updates on this topic?
  2. Rainbow

    Indsutrial untz untz

    Thanks for reading and answering. Have a good one ladies!
  3. Rainbow

    Indsutrial untz untz

    Hey! First of all. Thanks for setting up a old Cherno server for the old classic arma player. Industrial loot. I have been to every major city that has a industrial zone. There isnt so many of them but a few. I have noticed the absolute lack of building materials. There is more "raid" tools to be found and thats a issue for me. I am a hoarder. I love going around and collect stuff - and then build. I get it. Concreate bases should be hard to get. But this is almost silly. I have counted how many times I been at Cherno, Elektro and Berzinho (10 times in each city) and I have only found 1 sand bag and 2 cement bag. But there is alot of batteries and grinder. Balance vs logic For me its kind of unlogic that you can buy the tools to raid a base but you cant buy stuff to make a solid base. For a new crew that joins they can take down a base that a solo, like me, or a group worked up in matter of hours. Not even that. Sure you can always spend more time to make the base tricky but thats just gonna keep the attackers away for a little time. So why can you buy the raid stuff but not the hardware to build a base? I get the idea of this being like it is on Esseker. But on Cherno that is a bigger map and more places to hide and camp bases while its being raided. I really hope you guys "up" the industrial loot or even start selling cement or sandbags (You need to visit a mixer anyway to make them)- Or just remove the explosives from the trader (since it isnt very hard to make money on the server). Thanks for reading // Pimmelman aka 300BLK
  4. Rainbow

    Teleporting Hacker?

    You can see when the guy is running towards the rock that there is a ghille in the ground. Hidden. I dont see whats so dodgy? Or did I miss something?
  5. Rainbow

    Server down #2 down

    What am I suppose to do with out my baby? Hope it will come up soon tho. XOXOXOXOX
  6. Rainbow

    A couple of things

    Hey, first of all. Thanks for a great server. I have noticed a couple of things that "I" would like to see a change of. Just my cup of tea tho. 1) Pricing. Some items dosnt have a price. This sucks because you cant sell them. I hope that you will add the thermal scanner and the knifes to the sales table. There are some guns and there attachments too. Like the launcher, M32 I think, and the suppressor for the M9 pistol. Zero value or unable to sell. 2) Loads outs towards your respect level. There is a script for it. All you have to do is to make the loadouts. More respect = better load out when you spawn.