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  1. Delta 1-1

    Close a post to have the last word is cowardly.

    I can promise anyone of you that the admins do not take sides unless they feel it is what is in the right. I have been banned for reasons i will not share other than nothing I did that was illegal in the game. (I'm sure they will back me up on that statement.) However, even with Devin's issue. They took it into account when they did not need to. They came in and removed only what they deemed necessary and nothing more. I have been told to buzz off on more than one occasion. My group also was complained on constantly as well. I may not always agree with them, but I hardly find them out of manor.
  2. Delta 1-1


    nice! interested in what was needed for the hotfix
  3. Figured we needed a little something here to get some topics started. I have been messing around with CompactGUI and have found that it does actually work with your game files. This is all on my Samsung Evo Pro 500gig SSD. I do have a 4TB Western Digital HDD that I am still doing some tests on. However, they seem to be positive so far. This also reduced the file size in a major way!!! I have read a lot of great reviews about doing this. Here is one article on it. http://www.pcgamer.com/this-nifty-utility-purportedly-compacts-your-games-without-a-performance-hit/ My Results ~ SSD: Samsung Evp Pro 500 gig Shadow of War - 64 FPS - Dropped the file size down to 8.3 gigs from 70 gigs. The Witch 3 (GOTY) - 66 FPS - Dropped the file size down to 7.2 from 40 gigs. Dark Souls 3 - 61 FPS - Dropped the file size down to 12 from 25 gigs. There are some games that do not compress very well sadly. ARMA3 being one of them.....I was only able to save around 4 gigs from a 70 gig folder. Still, those of us with a SSD know the struggle!! As for help doing it? I'm not going to do a lot of explaining. The software isn't hard to use at all. I will leave a link below to help guide you through it. I hope this helps some of you that struggle with SSD storage space. CHEERS! https://github.com/ImminentFate/CompactGUI
  4. Delta 1-1


    Any word on it being possible of these glorious items coming back?
  5. Delta 1-1

    hacker ?

    I can speak in honor for the admins on this server. They don't put up with any crap at all. I have screen shots of a hacker and he was instantly gone. Give it time, he will slip up if he is hacking and will be taken down.
  6. I do 100% agree with the rule changes. However, I feel as though there should be a buffer period to the rules being implied. Like a 3 day sort of thing with a global server message to allow everyone to read them over. Now it raises other grey area questions. At what point can you start to build again? And, lets say you do not have the correct building supplies at the moment to rebuild correctly. Are we supposed to leave our bases open? Or can we close them with what we have "for now". Saying, give us a day or 2 IF needed to gather the needed supplies to rebuild correctly. Now, if we have the supplies to do it, but we are just trying to close a base off, i think we should be allowed to use anything we have at the time and once things have stopped, we can rebuild correctly. You once told me you will not allow people to camp someone's base. Are they supposed to leave after some point and no longer camp us to not allow us to rebuild after we killed them all and wiped their gear? This should be cleared out with a conversation.
  7. Delta 1-1

    Shots Fired

    When you want to let the enemy team you're coming but have no time for words.
  8. Delta 1-1

    Limited PM

    **UPDATE** It would seem that I am able to receive more than one PM in my inbox. However, I am not able to create them
  9. Delta 1-1

    Limited PM

    I've noticed there is a limited amount of PMs we can have going at one time. That number being 1. Would like to request this number to be upped to something simple like 5 or even 3. thanks
  10. Delta 1-1

    My Ban

    I was banned for disrespecting a staff member. This never happened. The conversation was between myself and Bave. We were in a general debate over the obvious. He told me he was not interested in having the conversation with me after I stated how I disagreed with his evaluation. He asked me "Is there anything else I can do for you". I replied "Yes, please administer your ruling more objectively" and left the Team Speak server. I simply stated my opinion on the situation. He is well within his rights to disagree with my opinion just as I have of his. However, I did not disrespect him. I never said anything racist, or derogatory. I simply did not agree to how the situation was handled. It is my job to stick up for my group members. Skidmark knows I only do this if I feel as if we are in the "right". When it comes to some things, I do not put up much of a fight. (The Swifty situation) I do feel as though there is a bias opinion about my group. Not to mention of others. Sea Otter is one comparison. He was to be permanently banned however, his ban was lifted after only a few days. (This is my point to being objective.) Considering his actions, mine should be lifted as well. As well as the "mark" on my account removed. Again, my intention was NOT to disrespect. I do apologize that you feel such a way. You both know me very well by this point. I conduct myself mostly in a calm manor. I simply stated my opinion and moved on as instructed. He may not have liked my take away from the conversation, but it did not warrant a 7 day ban. Thank you for your time. Delta 1-1
  11. Delta 1-1

    The Long Dark

    When you're base raiding and the opposing team is OP
  12. Delta 1-1

    Doing the ADMIN's dirty work

    taking all the glory for yourself
  13. Delta 1-1

    Doing the ADMIN's dirty work

    Honestly, the best part is when you come in with the stinger for good measure. (Kill confirmed)
  14. Delta 1-1

    Doing the ADMIN's dirty work

    LOL, We know Skiddy. Always werf the try tho! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  15. Delta 1-1

    Doing the ADMIN's dirty work

    Pie > Cake