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  1. Minedetector

  2. Minedetector

  3. Vehicle dropping into ground bug

    Is it just bug fixes or map additions as well?
  4. Vehicle dropping into ground bug

    Did he just say this or is it kinda old news? I remember hearing about this a couple months ago but nothing has happened..
  5. Lingor Beta testing

    Bwitk and l would be interested.
  6. Still testing

    How will beta testers be chosen?
  7. How do i build a base

    get a fortification upgrade kit
  8. How do i build a base

    No the base can be anywhere as long as it isn’t near a city (500m or closer and it won’t let you build.) the concrete post thing with arrows on top are completely pointless. and yes 50k is good enough to get started.
  9. Frenzy the Blind

    Are you like a wannabe psychiatrist or something?
  10. How do i build a base

    BUy a flag in the office and put it in your spot. Then, get an axe and a handsaw and make wooden parts. The recipe menu in your xm8 is useful for this. You can find the recipe menu in the “more” section of the xm8.
  11. Close a post to have the last word is cowardly.

    You speak worse english than tony, and thats pretty bad...
  12. Close a post to have the last word is cowardly.

    english only in side chat please
  13. Admin Event

    Just as satisfactory I suppose Also does that include poliesters base since some were added on it and used it?
  14. Admin Event

    Since all the Brazilians are banned could their bases be taken down and all the concrete be put into a crate and everyone fights to get the crate and get the concrete? Maybe not the items since they were duped, but the concrete would be a fun event to try to win.