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  1. SquidWard

    Jesus Lovers and Friends

    So I should ban you since you are asking for it?
  2. SquidWard

    Base fix?

    awesome I'll take a look today and take down the signs. Thank you for fixing the issue, if anything comes up please feel free to contact that us on discord or forums. Have a great day and Happy hunting
  3. SquidWard

    Base fix?

    The sign was posted because you have rooms with no doors/ladders, every room has to have some sort of access into it. It can't be all ways around it with no doors. Once you fix this issue then i'll come check it out.
  4. SquidWard

    Base fix?

    sure i'll take a look in a bit
  5. SquidWard

    Napf server Bravo Foxtrot

  6. SquidWard

    Safe Zone Trolling Round 2

    Thank you this will be dealt with.
  7. SquidWard

    Safe Zone Trolling and ramming

    ty for the post. Dealt with. Please ensure to always try to get video proof. Thank you.
  8. SquidWard

    Greetings from HardCharger

    Welcome to BFC again! Great vid keep it coming 😃
  9. SquidWard

    fish 'n a barrel

    Thank you for the vid! Always great to see our players post some of their game play. 👍
  10. SquidWard

    Base gone

    Thank you for the INPUT. Honestly though we all have REAL LIVES like jobs (I'm TinkerBell not a CEO tho), family, social events, friends and can't be always be playing which I understand where you're coming from. What server were you playing that you lost your base? Cherno? Just some added information but we do have something on discord where you can pay your base payments on. Not sure but it doesn't have 40+ people to fight missions on so farming them won't be too hard. I've seen players that lost full concrete bases, 40+ safes, more than 7+ knives but they just restart and hopefully pay a closer attention to their due date for the base. I can understand you are bored I mean 103 hours on the server and you only killed 6 people with 14 deaths, not sure if you were just avoiding players or didn't want to make contact with. Every server has it's opportunities and you can't please every customer since each customer might have a different play style that they want to enjoy so as Admins we try to make it possible for players to have a fun gaming experience on our servers. Some players want a hardcore survival mod or a militarize server where you can find high powered rifles in general loot buildings, some want a faster pace instead of the RUNNING SIMULATOR game, but when you DO make your server please tell me when so I can try it out someday. If you want more of a challenge you just got one with a base wipe so have fun sir and thank you again for the input. Thanks,
  11. SquidWard

    Base gone

    Thank you for the input Pacman and sorry for the base. It's your first base loss so I'm pretty sure you can gain everything back pretty quick. If you check your XM8 on territory you can actually see when the base is due. Waiting for the LAST day usually has a chance of you missing it because of real life events that might occur so I usually suggest you pay it a day before the due date to avoid any unforeseen events to avoid the worst possible case of your base being deleted. Our servers tend to stay full not sure about dull we try to add in new features for our players to a fun gaming experience. And good luck on your server
  12. SquidWard

    Wall stacking

    ty we'll take a look at it, rules are no stacking or layering.
  13. SquidWard

    Base is gone and protection money wasn't over due

    what server and base name?
  14. SquidWard

    Cement exploit

    What you need to blow through cement requires 2 things that you need to find like a Phone and Ziptie, neither of those can be purchased at the trader.
  15. SquidWard

    Need Admin help

    If the fee for changing the code is 4k make sure you have at least 100 extra poptabs over the amount needed to pay for the code change