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  1. Construction Aborted

    Most likely, the higher the level the more objects you can place.
  2. More Flexible Rent Fee

    Hello Spandexstorm, it is very frustrating when you log in and you lost your base due to payment but the due date for the payment is stamped when you look at your territory on your xm8, which is usually 7 days from your last payment. I usually recommend players to pay at least a day early instead of waiting for the last day to make the payment.
  3. Esseker #2 is locked?

    Don't see it locked, seems fine with players joining it. It will lock just a few minutes before reboot. THIS SERVER AUTO RESTARTS AT 00, 03, 06, 09, 12, 15, 18, AND 21 EST.
  4. Son using the SCAR 17 for 1st time.

    Love the Scar! Nice Vid
  5. Intentional Glitching

    Dealt with
  6. CARTELLO Clan: BTR 90 exploded after bought

    I'm guessing what happen was someone bought a vehicle earlier and is on the spawn spot so it pushed you somewhere else to spawn and blew up. Thank you for the video and comp is on the way.
  7. Very nice =) keep posting up more vids always nice to watch the players battle it out.
  8. Base Raiding

    Just like in life =) Either don't sleep or sleep and gamble it but you can always prevent stuff from happening. Build it where it'll take a long time to raid your stuff, place bait safes, never keep anything that of value in easy to reach locations, store it in a broken down lada near you, place 13 doors before you reach your safes. It seems unfair but it's unfair to those players who then can't raid anyone because of that protection.
  9. 072 base building during Raid

    Dealt with =)
  10. Supply Crates disappear from base

    The supply drop crates (mission crate) or any mission crate will disappear since it's not a permanent thing. The wood storage crates/tents/safes are permanent but the crates you find from missions aren't.
  11. Vechiles Despawning

    looking at what you said you were out flipping the vehicles then you lost connection, by chance did you lock the vehicles if you owned them?
  12. The ban game

    You should be banned as a sacrifice so the vehicles won't be stuck anymore.
  13. SPMC

    Good vid definitely keep posting. I want to see more heli downs and more BOOM BOOMs
  14. Eh there from nearly Canada

    WELCOME! I love the survival aspects too! But then you find a lot of CoD players too that want your beans.