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  2. xm8

    which part? Assuming since you are new, its probably because oyu havnt set any setting up in your xm8. on the 2nd page of the ipad thing there is a settings button, in that window you then set the "Visible" option to on. Everybody should be able to invite you to partys and bases and what not. Otherwise, you are gonna have to be WAY more specific with your issue. It might be something as simple as it not being an item in your inventory.
  3. using traders to run

    Cool video
  4. Slapping 3 guys for their armed heli.

    I know that base. rofl at the music tho. gg
  5. Mad Max Exile. Could it work?

    Yes to the cars. It would be nice to see some variety in our lada selection >.<
  6. Base deleted Issue 2nd time

    did you pay your rent on time? Its due the very 1st restart of that day, or it will delete itself.
  7. Virtual Garage

    They have a 3 day timer on them. Its usually best to take them out and move them, possible rename them, to reset the timer. If they just sit in there tho, they will probably disappear. Ive had couple go missing randomly, but its never more than 2 or 3 a week. Mostly, its just a Use'um or lose'um type thing.
  8. Repair System Is janky as fuck!

    its literally duct tape and 30 seconds of your time, thats not shit. if you dont have duct tape or 30 seconds, you probably shouldn't be standing next to an easily-identifiable target.
  9. V3S Still a Issue

    if you land on the ground then roll your chopper over on its side, you can release it without too much damage. Or just tow it with another vehicle?
  10. Rick's (Frank Castle) - Montage #4

    that punchline was awesome.
  11. lol, that heli kill.
  12. Hoarding friendly add-ons

    Can I charge people to use my ATM? I wish fuel trucks were in the game, just on their own that would be handy and I dont think it would impact the gameplay much.
  13. A.I City

    This sounds like fun. I remeber something like this on a Cherno server, the big island on the south east side was this huge military complex that had to be cracked to get loot. no bridge, just boats and helis, or swim to get there. It was a lot of fun, even after the AI were gone, players would stillshow up.
  14. New Mod Suggestion(Better AI)

    If you got a silencer and are at more than 300m away, they have a hard time finding you. Also, their difficulty scales depending on the mission, some will turn and snipe you if you miss, other run around like you're not even there. The worst are the ones that try to flank you. If you're in a forest, those mofos are hard to find.
  15. Mar-10 vs. Blackhawk

    That looked like both.