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  1. New Mod Suggestion(Better AI)

    If you got a silencer and are at more than 300m away, they have a hard time finding you. Also, their difficulty scales depending on the mission, some will turn and snipe you if you miss, other run around like you're not even there. The worst are the ones that try to flank you. If you're in a forest, those mofos are hard to find.
  2. Mar-10 vs. Blackhawk

    That looked like both.
  3. Rick's #3 Montage

    0:40 who tf is Todd. >.<
  4. Funny Kill

    That base annoys me.
  5. Super Stallion can't land without glitching?

    The goblins that eat the tires and make cars stick in the ground are mad cuz they havnt been fed. so they steal the motherload the moment it arrives.
  6. General Improvements & Suggestions

    So..basically you want a DAYZ server?
  7. Thermal Mask + Blackhawk = OP

    Where did you loot that?
  8. Virtual Garage despawned?

    Its mission vehicles with despawn issues. Occasionally the generic striders and hunters go missing as well. I havnt had any of the painted striders disappear tho. Maybe try non-mission type vehicles?
  9. Won scratchie but got nothing

    Ive won nothing before. Was in themiddle of the field. Just me and my car. Didnt appear anywhere. Its like the gold duck.
  10. Base Deleted on Esseker 1

    LOL. more Base Fails, please.
  11. New Update

    Grats! Thought you guys were already part of the BFC family, so...business as usual!
  12. From the Ocean to BFC C:

  13. Lifting with Heli's

    i like the sling load. It gives me a reason to be rich so I can buy expensive stuff, like sling load helicopters.
  14. Remove kill distance

    But i like the ego boost i get when I land a 1K+ shot. That would be taken away if nobody saw it. Silencers are hard enough to get, dont take them away, thermals have started being scarce, and so has concrete, NLAWs just disappeared. PLZ DONT TAKE SILENCERS TOO!
  15. Wall Hack?

    saw your elbow thru the floor/window thing?