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  1. my car was stolen in trader zone ...by Mr X

    The player will be dealt with. And if wanted you are able to get compensation for this. You can do that by contacting an admin when on the server through discord and refer them to this post.
  2. Base deleted Issue 2nd time

    Right, first of all, do not accuse us of deleting your base when you do not know that. The reason the base was deleted is that YOU forgot to pay your protection fee on the 5th April. This means the base got automatically deleted by the server. So I would suggest next time to make sure to know when you need to pay your base fee and maybe pay it a day early. Just to clarify no refund or materials will be awarded.
  3. Hello

    Welcome to the madhouse
  4. hello

    Welcome to the madhouse
  5. Vehicles are tripping out

    Thanks for posting this Eric, Have you got any video of it happening. This will help us out a lot to figure out what is happening.
  6. Devon blew up my helicopter in trader

    To be able to refund and take actions I would need to see the video evidence. If you know the player I would suggest that you get the Video from them or ask them nicely to upload it.
  7. Frank Castle - #5 Montage

    Some lovely shots, and thanks for providing that evidence for "Heroism" racist language
  8. gageg stealing from safezone [video]

    Thanks for posting. This player will be handed a lovely ban for their actions.
  9. Beanobush311

    Welcome to the Mad House If you are wanting to change your name go on to your Arma home page and go the top right and you are able to change your characters name.
  10. lost car full with metal parts

    The only way that you are going to get the items back is by providing some evidence of what happened. This would be a video. By having this it clarifies the events that took place. If evidence is not able to be given then nothing will be done with this.
  11. New on this game and server :D

    Welcome to the mad house
  12. Frank Castle racial abuse

    I have watched the video. Some sort of action will be taken against the player for their actions. Thanks for posting.
  13. Son using the SCAR 17 for 1st time.

    That's amazing. Wish I could do that
  14. HI all Moonhorse here ....

    Welcome to the mad house
  15. Mar-10 vs. Blackhawk

    That's what you call skill. Or should I say luck!