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  1. Son using the SCAR 17 for 1st time.

    That's amazing. Wish I could do that
  2. HI all Moonhorse here ....

    Welcome to the mad house
  3. Mar-10 vs. Blackhawk

    That's what you call skill. Or should I say luck!
  4. Funny Kill

    That's what you call skills
  5. Super Stallion can't land without glitching?

    That is very strange. I have never seen that happen before. Yes, you are defiantly entitled to a refund for that helicopter. When you are on the server join Discord and ask nicely for a refund and send them the link to this thread. If this does happen again make sure to send us the video and we will defiantly have to look into it.
  6. Thermal Mask + Blackhawk = OP

    These items are very rare. The only way to get these are to win admin events
  7. protection money

    This one occasion I will help out. Just remind me when you are leaving and I will make sure to sort something out for you. If you are having problems in the feature just PM me and we will have a look at what we can do for you.
  8. Pregunta

  9. Why banned ??

    I understand that. However, If you do not have any evidence of this event that shows you are not guilty. Then the ban will be staying and will not be removed So I wish you the best in finding another server.
  10. Why banned ??

    Your ban will stay as permanent due to the evidence that has been shared with us. What are your thoughts on this @hooligan?
  11. From the Ocean to BFC C:

    Welcome to the madhouse
  12. Banned

  13. He Aint Mad

    Decent kills. @SjMX Not sure if I liked that language around 54 seconds.
  14. Heli Exploded at Safe Zone

    Thanks very much for posting. However, I would need some more proof. The single picture does not show me if you bought the vehicle or how it exploded. By having a video it would mean I can help you out.
  15. Car Trolling at Traders

    They got banned for breaking the rules. There are no set punishments for when a player breaks a rule. It is all down to the admin's discretion. At least from this ban, they will learn not to do it again!