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  1. Skidmark

    how do i get my flag removed

    Dont pay your protection and leave to despawn
  2. Skidmark

    What do I need to change?

    flag room is too small and is technically layers as it adds an extra door that would not other wise be possible
  3. Skidmark

    Switching between primary guns

    Ye for now i don't use it too much. If the mod owner can't resolve the issue i may remove the mod all together
  4. Skidmark


    Made the mountain somewhere of interest to players.
  5. Skidmark

    Server going live

    Thanks for the positive fedback
  6. Skidmark

    AI Missions

    FYI the missions do complete but with 1 AI left. Did this on purpose so people dont just run in when it says complete. Keep you all on your toes
  7. Skidmark

    Switching between primary guns

    Ye create a new post for any new bugs that way we have a paper trail. FYI Rimmer has been in contact with the mod creator to see if there is a possible fix for this
  8. Skidmark

    Survival is live

    Survival server is going live at 12pm EST 18.08.2018. Exile a little too easy? Like to hunt and scavenge for your stuff rather than go to a boring old trader? Want to work the the good stuff? Try the survival server you might be surprised
  9. Skidmark

    Unsealing application

    Whats your GUID?
  10. Skidmark

    Server going live

    We have spent many months setting up, testing, tweaking, testing, adjusting, testing, testing and some more testing of this new server. This will be unlike any other server out there as we have some very unique scripts running on the server which no other servers have. This is really for those who enjoy the grind and searching for their gear and expect to only find high end stuff rarely. The server is well balanced that you can find gear all over but not in every building every time, the new loot script picks which buildings it wants to spawn loot in. Every building will spawn loot but not every time. If you like the challenge of having to work for your stuff by searching rather than having crappy traders then welcome to Nirvana
  11. Skidmark

    Unexpected Restart Destroyed Uh60

    Ok thanks for the video
  12. Skidmark

    Vehicles missing?

    Yes we have always had issues. Please read the FAQ's in our discord for advice
  13. A friend of mine. Go watch her. Good patter from her and the view aint bad either
  14. Skidmark

    Esseker 1

    So after careful consideration between the team we have decided that the Esseker 1 server will not be put back online. We will help anyone who wants to move E1 to E2. Any questions please feel free to ask a BFC team member in discord
  15. Skidmark

    Using advanced movement for base raiding

    As Flint says it is allowed as long as the crate is placed on the floor. Players cannot lift the crate if a player is stood on it, that would be cheating