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  1. Base fix ?

    Your walls are layered. This is against the rules. Fix the issue and let us know then we will come and inspect again
  2. Base fix ?

    base name?
  3. our uh-60 vanished upon server restart

    What do you expect? Another heli? imagine if everyone came and said something similar with no proof. We'd be giving free stuff out all day long.
  4. our uh-60 vanished upon server restart

    Ye Arma can be a bitch sometimes. I'm sorry you lost it but there is nothing we can do about it
  5. How do I climb over walls ?

    You have to key bind your Enhanced Movement key. It is set to custom key 1 via your Arma settings in game
  6. Kicked from server by Battleye

    Ye BE is a shit head sometimes. We have work arounds in our Discord FAQ's for issues.
  7. No floating base parts are allowed. Each base part must be either connected to another base part, which indirectly connects to the ground or connected to the ground direct. Examples are people floating metal hedgehogs above their base, this would be against the rules
  8. Clothing and weapon suggestions.

    Thanks for the suggestion we will look into some of these. Launchers will not be available at the trader as they can be sourced from missions
  9. using traders to run

    That screen shot doesn't show me anything apart from a player carrying a hunter
  10. X-66 Mammoth Tank

    Looks nice but we don't do tanks i'm afraid. Maybe if we put up a military server one day
  11. Compensation For Server Drop Pt 2.

    This should have been sorted now?
  12. Slapping 3 guys for their armed heli.

    Mugged right off lol
  13. Compensation For Server Drop

  14. Esseker has planes

    As the title says. Go and check them out