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  1. I am asking before complaining

    As previously stated record this and we can look at it further
  2. Trader Stealing ( Captain America )

    Yes it does. We tested this and getting in a vehicle before lifting it gives you the safe zone protection
  3. A.I City

    Not a bad idea. We will discuss as a team
  4. Vote day & Quad bike swarms

    Part of the game is to have a night cycle and have the gear to deal with it. Gamma can always be turned up to combat the darkness if wearing NV is not your thing. There will be no vote system.
  5. Vote day & Quad bike swarms

    As always we like to hear players suggestions and appreciate the time you take to input them. However we will never have a vote day function. Hate the thing As for spawn timers they are being fixed and will be implemented soon.
  6. Stealing Tow Vehicles in Trader/Safezone

    Well then people need to learn to use the added feature that Safe zone plus brings. At some point we may refuse to deal with stolen vehicles in the SZ if players are too lazy to use the feature.
  7. Guy with a flag jutting out of his ass

    lol thanks for the very amusing feedback. we will look into this
  8. Stealing Tow Vehicles in Trader/Safezone

    Dealt with. Why didn't you use the safe zone plus by getting in the truck before lifting it? That stops people stealing it
  9. Virtual Garage - More vehicle information

    The vehicles are normally good for the 7 days standard in Exile. This "vanishing" of vehicles on the VG is only a short term problem and is in the workflow to be fixed. Thanks for the input and ideas though
  10. Lone Wolf Service

    Gimax we are always grateful for ideas and appreciate you taking the time to give us some input. However we don't feel it would fit with our server. Please feel free to suggest any more ideas you have and we will always read and consider them. Again thanks
  11. Comp Request?

    You left your strider at a mission and logged off which is a risky move. The Strider more than likely got blew up by another player. No comp will be given.
  12. Building Rules - Cherno

    We have decided to allow building inside civilian buildings on Cherno. The rules have been updated to coincide with this change. Note you still CANNOT build inside map buildings on Esseker.
  13. Stealing Tow Cars in Safezone

    Are you aware how safe zone plus works? If you get in the towed vehicle before going to the safe zone then it attaches it to you so no one can steal like in this instance
  14. Super Stallion can't land without glitching?

    lol that is very weird. Does this only happen in the SZ or anywhere you land?
  15. Refuelling