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  1. RipCord

    Admin abuse

    Ok Mr. Cuddles it seems this game mod might not be the right fit for you. Between your name and your sensitivity to the word "annoying" , but if you decide you still want to play this mod and our servers please go over the server rules and keep them fresh in your head at all times. As admins we are not here to hold your hand to make sure this is a place for snowflakes but to make sure players in the safezone can get done what they need to and move on to playing the game. If you are running around a safezone harassing players and an admin zip ties you consider yourself lucky you didn't get kicked or banned. From what I can see this was a warning to learn from and move on. Mind you there will be shit talking in side chat, and you may need to kill other players and AI but there is no need for toxic behavior. With that said if you are waiting for a friend pull up a seat and wait or go to them but leave the players be in a safezone.
  2. RipCord

    Unban Request

    Ok sir I have lifted your ban but if you caught do anything it will be back to a ban with no warnings.
  3. RipCord

    Unban Request

    I need your GUID or your steam ID number once I take a look at your notes I will post here with a response
  4. RipCord

    More armored vehicles and scripst

    Thank you for your post We will take a look at options for this
  5. RipCord

    [EB] Scooby Griefing

    We will take care of this thank you for your post and need posts like this in order to know anything we miss.
  6. RipCord

    6 Kills in 3 Seconds (2v8 Clan Battle)

    You sir are god that was awesome good job gents!! I love the fact either side didnt give and kept at it!
  7. Ok well I am done with this at this point. Cuba you fail to see the issue and just want your way . You fail understand that Admins have to be objective when making choices for the server. You ask why I don't take your word and hand out punishment to this player, if thats the case I should take the word of otter as well. We have a watch list in the forums that you can't see that we put players names so we can keep an eye on players like Mark. The thing is we cant be on all the time(admins) so make a post even if you dont have video or screen shots. It still helps us know who to look for and what watch for. You are not an Admin so dont take issues in to your own hands because this is what it looks like. Im always fair with any player that comes to me and give a fair chance to both sides of the story ask any player that has dealings with me. But at this point this post is over. From here on out Mark will be on the watch list and so will the EB players. Otter if you have video please make a new post and be detailed as much as possible.
  8. Ok you completely missed the point of what I said because you are too busy being salty I guess. In that video I saw you pushing a player to do something again. Mind you he wasn't in a car at that time, until he finaly does get another car and do it over again. So first off if you had a problem you should have come here first this is why we have the forums. And from this video I have no idea what happened before but what I do see because of this video is that you kept pushing a player to do something after he had already stopped. If you did that to me I would have done something to you as well as a player. So in case you are still missing what I am saying 2 wrongs dont make a right. So either I can punish you both for harrassing each other because clearly video shows that or You can move on and if this a normal thing for him he will get caught. As for toxic players we cant catch everyone all the time and if there is someone abusing the side chat this is the place to post screen shots so we can do something about it. Otherwise its nothing less than whinning about something that happened a long time ago.
  9. Yes trolling in the safezone is against server rules but at this point it looks like you both were guilty of it. I think that you should both move on and wash this clean if it happens again please send us the video but dont become the issue that you are trying to fix defeats the idea
  10. RipCord

    Someone glitched into our base again and stole flag

    I just looked at your base and the the flag is there
  11. RipCord

    Someone glitched into our base again and stole flag

    Your base protection isnt due unitl the 8th
  12. RipCord

    Someone glitched into our base again and stole flag

    Its not showing up in the stolen database
  13. RipCord

    Someone glitched into our base again and stole flag

    Looks like you already paid the ransom So we can not see who stole it.
  14. RipCord

    Someone glitched into our base again and stole flag

    whats the name of the base and the owners name of the flag?
  15. RipCord

    mitch camping/harrassing in trader zone

    Which server is this on?