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  1. Spackler

    Server Profile for personal use?

    Go to exilemod.com . Have a look around there and everything you need to get something up and running is there for you to test, adjust, etc for an exile server. If you do not like exile there are many other mods that if you hit their site will lead you in the right direction.
  2. These are some possible fixes to known crash errors in Arma 3. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unusual_process_exit#0xC0000005_-_ACCESS_VIOLATION
  3. Verify your game in steam is all we can suggest. Last arma update is causing this for lots of people.
  4. Spackler

    Simple Question

    When do you expect to be back? 90 days on account. If not ask for Spackler and we will figure it out.
  5. Spackler

    Simple Question

    esc in game will show you.
  6. Spackler

    Simple Question

    What is your GUID.
  7. Spackler

    Server admin slots...

    This is a limitation in Arma. We are and have been looking into a better solution but for now this is what we have.
  8. Spackler

    I baned 4 duping!! WTF?

    Don't worry all three account GUIDs that we caught you duping on have been forwarded to all other top exile servers for you to get added to their ban list along with Infistar as well.
  9. Spackler

    PVP stat

    We will look into this. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. Spackler

    Help to enter the server.

    Add a screenshot of your arma launcher mods you have selected.
  11. Spackler

    Malden is now live !!!!!!!

    Is your CUP up to date. It updated today.
  12. Spackler

    Two "ESSENTIAL" addons this server needs!

    We are looking into these now. We are currently working to update Esseker traders and get all servers updated to 64 bit for better performance.
  13. Spackler

    I am asking before complaining

    Please dm one of the admins who is going this. We will then monitor and take action.
  14. Spackler

    Cars and Zombies

    We will look into this and see what we can do.
  15. Spackler

    Someone glitched into our base again and stole flag

    Ok what was the name of the base that the flag was stolen by a glitcher and what day did it happen?