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  1. Rafa


    The defirilator used to make the player's body disappear, anyone know if it got solved?
  2. Rafa

    Starting Loadout

    Does anyone have info about the starting loadouts, how much respect and which gear each one comes with?
  3. Rafa

    NPC Random Patrols

    No to patrols, the players already make walking on the map dangerous enough
  4. The rules say something about this? The last 2 servers we played the rules said that you can lock your car anywhere(including sz). Here the rules dont say nothing so we supposed that was the same... You guys need to be more detailed in things like this. We cant guess what is legal and whats not, in CCG and TPG you can lock the cars inside, if you dont thrust me take a look at theirs forums, theres alot of video reports of someone locking someone inside the vehicle and everytime an admin come and say thats OK and the robber needs to be aware of that. Anyway. The ban on Pepi is for how much hours?
  5. @Skidmark Is it illegal to lock YOUR stolen car in the safezone? Happened to me a lot of times, i remember an admin telling me that was ok and i needed be aware of that.
  6. Rafa

    Taru lifting glitch ?

    Some cars are too heavy to be lifted... Seems that this one from apex is very heavy... idk. off topic: how do you open that screen/radar thing on the right?
  7. Rafa

    New server

    What map is that?!
  8. Rafa

    Reporting a trader rammer

    I'm Rafa, BTG group leader. Im sorry that Im hearing this from you. I'll talk to him to this not happen anymore.
  9. Rafa


    Can anyone tell me what cars TARU can hook? someone told me that it can hook ifrit but i saw a guy not being able to hook an ambulance...
  10. Rafa


    I confirm what Rip and Skid said, i dont have any problems with a heli garage that is 100% closed, but you have to me aware that some walls and floors rotate a little bit on restarts, so you need to park the wheels/skids on the center of the floors AND park at safe distance from any walls.. another trick: dont land a blackhawk on the top of a base at night, thats almost sure that someone will steal it ( happens with me everytime) thats why we have a closed heli garage. Hope this help
  11. Rafa

    Base building, think differently

    Best old boring box I built, the cool part is inside, but I cant show it here hahaha
  12. Rafa


    Same problem here, dont know if that happens with others helicopters too...
  13. Rafa

    Level 11 flag?

    I have a level 10 flag with 295 objects. Yesterday went to pay the protection money (actually 70k every week... Why you guys dont put 140k for 15 days? much better) i saw an option to "upgrade" my flag... is there a level 11 flag with a bigger objects limit now?
  14. Rafa

    followed from safe zone

    They tried to follow us also... We went back to the trader and waited 5-10 min and they were gone. Tell me something, this taru can hook heavier cars like the ifrit?
  15. Rafa


    You guys have a big Brazilian player base, because we don't have any good esseker brazilian server. 90% of them cant really speak English, and a lot of brazilian players come up with problems and questions on chat and we (me and my group) try to help as much as we can. Of course this is an English server but since it's open worldwide, expect players from different countries. Liquid seems that you don't understand that every single one from the 60 players playing just want to have a good time, lets be cool to each other. I think admins have bigger problems than someone asking what is a territory flag in Portuguese. I'll warn my group to reduce portuguese speaking on side chat, but if any brazilian come with a problem or question we will try to help. Hope you guys understand. Rafa