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    Redux Server?

    Is there any reason why the Redux server is down fellas? Updates or additional scripts etc? LEV. No matter its returned...
  2. LEV

    Cherno Redux server.

    I have 7k hours shared between A2 and A3 and would like to make some suggestions in regards to the REDUX server. I would just like to make a request for additions to the Redux server. I appreciate the map is custom and alot of awesome work has gone into it. However, the addition of the Extended BAse Mod items I think would make the grinding survival aspect of it better (This would greatly improve the players experience). Im not talking about the buildings as they are ridiculous, but the tables, chairs, shelving, fuel and ammo containers, spec ops monitors base lamps etc etc. This would make the grind more enjoyable and give reason to building larger bases. Also the possible addition of rain/mist/fog? Industrial loot to spawn on the docks? Finally the Lopatino traders are glitched into the ground and Berezino Lumber Yard spawns weapon on the ground instead of Building mats (unsure if this is correct). Kindest regards, LEV (The Nomad)