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  1. iiinFiDeLLL

    Have an issue with my flag

    Hello again all, I have an issue with my flag and not sure what the problem is...it seems my flagpole has moved about 10 feet or so to the left. Used to be right in the middle of the main room and now it's pretty much inside the wall over by the door. You can see the flag thru the wall now when you are outside. I don't think I can move it, would it be possible for an admin to scoot it back over for us please? Territory is Jitbagz on the Esseker server. I don't even think we can get to it to pay rent or a ransom if need be. It's buried in the wall
  2. iiinFiDeLLL

    What do I need to change?

    Ok thank you Sir. Fixed. I figured that's what it was. Hello all by the way. Bright1 and I love the server
  3. iiinFiDeLLL

    What do I need to change?

    Hi Guys, Got a warning that I screwed something up. I took a couple building kits out of the safe and removed a door from in front of the flag. Just need to know what else is wrong? BFC Esseker server, territory is Jitbagz.