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  1. Alright, update after investigating a bit. CUP did an update yesterday (21 DEC 2018) that appears to be the cause. The author has indicated (eight hours ago) that a hotfix is incoming that will fix the problem. Check comments here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583544987
  2. My A3 Launcher is not automatically downloading the file required to join this server. I am receiving the following message: "Addon 'CUP_Terrains_Winter_Sounds' requires addon 'CUP_Chernarus_Winter_Data' I assume it's asking for Chernarus Winter 1.11, so I'm downloading that now, but is there something preventing A3Launcher from automatically detecting that the server requires this addon?
  3. It takes a lot of time to scavenge for sticks and leaves in the forest, which is a little strange to me. Any bush in the forest would have these things. I know this is probably designed this way for balance since oranges drop from trees too. I'd like to suggest breaking up the 'Trees' loot table to solve this issue: Scavenge CHR trees (for the existing 20% drop rate) and maybe get a stick, leaves, or an orange. Scavenge CHR bushes (50% to 100% drop rate) for sticks or leaves, but no oranges. Being able to start a fire is critical in the early game due to the night rains, and finding sticks/leaves in the forest is easy. Players are already gated by the need for matches and an axe.
  4. Gray

    Switching between primary guns

    From what I've seen, every server using this two primary mod seems to have this issue where ammunition, attachments, or other things go missing.
  5. Gray

    Server going live

    I'm having great flashbacks to the old days of DayZ Mod, where vehicles were rare and you fought for every inch. This is exactly what I was looking for in a DayZ experience. It's pretty close to perfect. Thank you for this.